What To Do When Romance Is Dead

It happens as times goes by, to too many couples out there. Between you are kids, work commitments, and you start drifting appart.


There is no holding hands, no hugs, no flowers, no talking. In bedroom there is no touching no sex.  Both of you seem to do the same routine and more a less you become two room mates that argue all the time.

Woman feel this earlier than men and mostly begin to complain. Sometimes that only bring up more arguments.

What happens to romance?

There is many things that affect a relationship. Let’s just say maybe you working long hours. It’s tiring and stressful. When you get home there are kids that you need to look after and support. Or maybe one of you is not working. It gets very stressful. Basically life gets in the way of romance.

Is there a way back to romance?

This depends widely on your relationship state. How far you gone appart. If the spark and the feelings are still there for both of you maybe you can work hard the way back to romance.

1. Talk to your partner.

One of you need to step up before is too late and initiate a deep conversation. Humans communicate their feelings. And remember, once you were so in love and had a deep connection. If there one of you is going through hard times tell her you going to give her all the support. Keep talking. Keep supporting one another. Get involved more into their lives.

2. Be open and invite his/her love.

At times we shut down our hearts and your partner find it hard to love you. Be open. Invite him/her to love you. Let your hearts connect again. Remember the little things you did for them once that put a big smile on their face. Keep walking towards your romance.

3. Be patient. It might take sometime.

It’s crazy how time flies. Months and years gone. Now you are trying to walk back to romance, be patient. It will take time. Keep going. Keep doing things for each other. Don’t criticize. Give love with your open heart, generously. Hopefully you’ll get it all back.

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6 responses to “What To Do When Romance Is Dead

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  2. Difficult job is returning ✍ I do not like to be with someone I reject, in any case. If I reject, it means “love chemistry” is gone. Only, only way is to return is if, if he/she became interesting with a lot of new character, new good stuffs I am starting to enjoy in my partner. There is no returning, this is going in new adventures with a same partner. It is possible, I think ( much more humor in our lives, new Hobie’s, new fresh style, more socializing)

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