Unconditional Love

Meeting that special one and loving unconditionally. This is the story everyone out there dream of. But what is really unconditional love?


I love you uncondidionally means, I love you no matter what conditions will occur. I will love you no matter what life will throw at you.

It’s simple really. But yet so misinterpreted from too many people out there.

Love is a great feeling. Love is caring, for your partner. Showing respect. Being there for one another and facing life challenges as one. Love, honor and cherish someone that loves, honors and cherishes you.

Love unconditionally doesn’t mean I love you no matter what you do to me. If you think you can cheat at you partner and they will forgive you because they love you unconditionally you are very mistaken. If you think you can abuse someone and they still will continue to be in your relationship because of unconditional love you could not be more wrong.

Again unconditional love is, no matter what life throws our way , I wont take it out on you. I wont scream at you. I wont forget you exist. I still will be there for you. I still love you!

The strength of a relationship doesn’t depend on how much fun they have, it depends on how they cope when a storm happens in your lives. If you survive the hurricane your love might be ever lasting.

Love means accepting someone for who they are and not trying to change them into one they are not.

Unconditional love is so simple. You love and appreciate someone for who they truly are. And never ever question that love.

When we talk about unconditional love what comes in your mind is, the love of a parent for their child. That’s pure love.

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