7 Tips To Lasting Relationships

Why some people can manage lasting relationships and some others hardly can make it to few years?  Do we get bored, lose interest, or romance goes dead?


At some stages in life most people dream to find a compatible partner and settle down. And there is someone for everyone as they say. At the beginning majority of couples have a great romance. I have found my other half, you hear that way to often. The celebrate their love with a marriage. Great so far.. But does it last?

Researches in countries like United States, Canada, Australia and United Kindom reveal that fifty per cent of marriages in these countries end in divorce. So too many don’t survive the test “Forever together”.

According to relationship experts here are some tips that will help you to maintain lasting relationships.

1. Trust.

If you believe this is the right partner, the one and only,  you must first believe you have fallen deeply in love. And the early days it all runs so smooth, romance take both of you high very high.

As times goes by, you realize both have other commitments too.

Here comes the question: Do you trust your partner?

Trust is the key to a lasting relationship. It usually build not on empty promises or wishful  thinking but on base of our records. It takes time to build trust. It also depends widely on individuals and their experiences.

Without trust there is no lasting relationships.

2. Intimacy match and shared interests.

Are you a match on:

  • physical intimacy.
  • emotional intimacy.
  • intellectual intimacy.
  • Shared interests.

If you want to find out that you and your partner are a compatible match, both rank these points.

Couples always evolve so does the intimacy in relationship. Some get a deeper connection and some others intimacy fades away.

3. Communication.

Communication is another key predictor to lasting relationships.

Couples that show respect to one another and are hard on the issue but soft on the person seem to find the way to take the relationship further, experts suggest.

Relationship suffers when one or both partners are contempt in communication. Couples are critical, sarcastic and judgmental to their partner. They do not separate the issue from the person.

4. Friendship.

More than partners you are friends, bestfriends. If this is the case you may have a lasting relationship.

A good friend bring the best out of you. Does your partner make you feel this way?

5. Dealing with conflict.

How you both deal with arguments can either make or brake the relationship.

  • Avoid the need to always be right.
  • Don’t shut yourself down, emotionally.
  • Focus on the issue, not on the person.
  • The willingness to forgive and move on in relationship.

All couples engage in fight sometimes. Successful ones have the ability to resolve the issue, forgive and move on in their relationship.

6. Handling challenges.

Yep, when a challenge is throwing at one of you it might feel as a unwanted surprise. Tough times could be the test to your relationship. Are you here just to enjoy good times  or to share the bad times too. It either brings couples close together for a life time or can put you a world apart ftom one another.


7. Finanicial issues.

Experts say this is a top reason to divorce for many couples.

There will be differences on financial values in all relationships. The solution: pick up the issue early and make a finacial plan and stick to it.

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