If You Want To Be Happier Ask Yourself This Question

You know when you wake up every morning, what is first thing that comes in your mind? Oh I wish I had a day off? I wish I had different job? I wish I could spend this day with the one I love?


Or maybe what pops in your mind is, I have a busy day ahead. The tasks that need to be done, the important appointments to attend.

Or is it little things that make you smile and leave a huge impact in your life like: a warm hug that your little boy give you.. The way he says I love you loads.. Your partners kiss, when you get back home..

Would you like to be happier?

I think I know the answer to that, so start your day by asking yourself this question:

Do I live in a good world, Or do I live in bad world?

Make a simple but yet a crucial decision.

It’s all up to you. It depends how you look at everything in life. How you view everyday.. What makes you happy and how negative things affect you in comparison with the positive ones.

If you say I live in a good world then that is a positive start. Many people say positive attitude brighten your face and brighten your day too.

How can this really affect your day? I will try to explain to you. Bear with me..

Every single world has a effect on our brain, especially if you repeat it. Let say the word,”food” for example. If you say it for few times, your brain will start creating some thoughts about food. Is likely as a reaction you may begin to feel hungry..

Same goes for other words. If I wake up and decide the world is bad, most likely what goes on in my brain will make my day misery.

Good generates good, bad generates bad.

I am not too optimistic. I tend to be in touch of the reality of life everyday. I live each day as it comes to me. I also know there are too many problems that this world face.. I hold my hand high and see what I can reach, and what I can change…. I try to do my bit just like you..

I live on the same planet as we all do. I know is easy to get stuck in negativity with everything that is happening around the world… But does that negativity helps in any way?

If you begin your day with a smile, and peace and love in your heart for people around you, you search for good and you generate good. Good generates good.

If you expecting things to work perfectly you setting yourself up for a disappointment. Waiting anxious something will go wrong, and yes it might happen. Bad begets bad.

Your choice.

Choosing positive thinking has many great health benefits. Reduce stress and depression. Decrease anxiety. It also strengthen our immune system.

Choosing negative thinking on other hand limits your possibilites and decrease chances of success. It also increase stress and worsen physical health issues.


Happiness – Girl on the top of a rock / mountain

What is the key to a positive start:

  • Be greatful that you are healthy. You have what you need. Bills get paid. A lovely family around you.
  • Choose your words: I am going to have a wonderful day.
  • Spend time with your family, friends and positive people.

So remember when you wake up tomorrow ask yourself the question:

“Do I live in a good world or bad world?”

You know you have a choice. We all do. Choose good but don’t expect perfection, and it will be better than bad. Experience a happier day and healthier too.

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