10 Qualities Of An Empath

They are people who seem to read accurately others when face to face or even by just hearing their voice from miles away. An empath has a deep intuition, a high sensitivity towards peoples feelings and emotions. They are able not only to understand peoples feelings but also they can absorb these emotions to themselves and be overloaded mentally.


This causes them to have panic attacks, chronic depression, and many other distressing emotions.

Acknowledging that you’re an empath is the first step towards learning to self center and getting rid of all that unwanted  baggage you carry at times.

Here are the qualities of empaths and how to get emotional freedom:

1. They are too sensitive.

Empaths are highly sensitive to whats going on around them. Big soft hearted people, they are open to others and they give more than can afford. Through bad or good, empaths are always there for you no matter what.

2. Empaths get overwhelmed from crowds.

Most of epmaths have introverted personality. Being into too big parties or in big crowds they easy become overwhelmed. An empath always would choose to talk one to one rather than attending places with crowds.

3. Epmaths take others feelings as their own.

It’s amazing how an empath feel others  feelings to an extreme. And they absorb others emotions and take them on as their own. Also empaths get easy attached to people’s mood or negative emotions, such  anger, anxiety.

If they are watching bad news or a hurtful story on television they feel it deeply and most likely show on their upsetting outlook.

4. Knowing.

Empaths just know things. Their knowing runs beyond their intuition and gut feelings. And the more an empath gets  into a situation the more they know and discover about it.

5. Empaths can spot if one is being honest or otherwise.

You simply know when they are being honest or telling a lie, even if you choose not to confront them. They can even tell what someone feels or thinks.

6. Empaths need and love their own company.

Spending time with others, getting others world as theirs, can drain empaths so they need alone time to get all the energy back and recharge their lives.

7. They hardly cope with close relationships.

Too much time with someone in a intimate relationship can take a toll in their emotional health. Often times they find it hard to cope with such relationships. Experts suggest empaths are afraid of losing their indentity and thats why most will avoid being in a relationship in first place.

8. Empaths are vulnerable to energy vampires.

Because of an empath is very sensitive to everyone’s feelings, it makes them too often targets of vampires as narsissists, The Victim, The Drama queen, and more. They drain an empaths physical energy.

9. Empaths are out doors people and love mother nature.

If empaths are not doing something they get distracted and bored. Being outdoors is what they like. Quite often they find themselves day dreaming.

Empaths love being in the presence of nature. They will enjoy looking at sea side as much as they like being in a silent park walking through and feeling a great self connection, nourished and energized.

10. Empaths often get hurt emotionally.

An empath is honest, sincere and open. They possess a big heart. Living with others feelings, taking more than they can carry, giving too much too often they end up being hurt emotionally.

If you’re an empath, honor all the qualities but is critical you know how to protect yourself to self center by setting boundaries, medditation, finding the calm and relax state of mind and of course, spending plenty time with mother nature.

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