4 Signs A Friendship Has Gone Wrong

Friends and friendships matter so much in our lives. It’s sharing your lifes ups and downs, good times and bad times. These relationships make us grow through it, they add value to our lives. The journey without friends would never be the same.


But not all relationships work smoothly. Sometimes some of these  come to an end. You realize it’s not working anymore. Then might you either have to let it go or work to fix it if you think it still worth it.

Below are the signs of a friendship gone wrong and what to do next.

1. Spending time with this person is not fun any longer.

You carry on as always meeting and spending time together. You also feel something is not quite right. There is no fun spending time with this person. And that not only it. They make you feel worse not better. You feel an outsider.

Something definitely changed. You don’t feel your true self when spending time on this friendship. Not anymore.

Maybe is time to reconsider this relationship.

2. You find your self wanting to ignore their phone calls or text messages.

If sometime ago you could not wait to hear their voice, to talk, to share every little news now you feel you don’t want to answer their phone calls or text messages. When you begin to feel not interested on what one got say, you feel too tired to even be bothered then there is something gone wrong in this relationship. It’s either you and your feelings changed or the other persons. Maybe you need to check in with this person and let them know these feeling are not mutual.


3. You feel remorse for things you’ve done when in their company.

Some people feel used by others when into a friendship. We do things with an open heart. You let yourself loose and keep talking about everything. Or if they ask to borrow something still with open heart you give generously. Or you keep spending on them and they don’t do the same in return.

One day you wake up and feel this person is using you to get what they want. You have lost self respect, you have deviated from your values, you kinda lost yourself.

You regret what happened in this relationship.

4. You find yourself surprised thinking “how did I end up in this relationship”.

You eventually come to terms a certain relationship suck all your energy in life leaving you feel short of breathing. You are surprised with yourself how did you let it all happen.

The solution here is to end this friendship or relationship immediately.

If you are in doubt or you feel guilty to end a realtionship think it through before you end it.

Reflect on your values and resourses that you bringing into this relationship. What bonus are you offering:  emotional support, time, effort, energy. How much you putting in? How much you getting out from it. Is there a balance?  Do you think it is still worth investing in this relationship?

We all have a choice to set our boundaries or to expand our relationships. Make sure you pick the right option that you wont regret later.

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