6 Little Habits That Steal Your Happiness

We create habits in everyday life and stick to them. Most of these are little things we do in daily basis. I always have a glass of water with my morning coffee. I do enjoy it. Good habit, I call it.


But we also get into habits that can rob our happiness. Well if it’s not helping might is making you feel miserable and adding suffer in your life.

Below you’ll find some little things that can ruin your chances of being happy.

1. Being a messenger of other people stories.

When you spend time each day having endless conversations about other people’s success stories. How they build an empire. How they did it. The greatness…and without even notice it become a habit…

Doing this surely wont make you happy. Simply because they put their money in their bank accounts.

It’s time to stop and think how can you write a successful story of your own. If you have a clear path in life then you might just have to push your career to the next level. If you have some goals that you hold close to your heart but yet to accomplish begin to spend some time to find ideas how to get there.

2. Waiting for perfect time.

I have a big dream but just waiting for the right time to start. It still global economic crisis.

Many people tell me they do have a plan to get a business going but sure it can’t be now. If I start now I am gambling my money…they go on and on..

But does that perfect timing exist? No, not in my opinion. That right time will never turn up.

Perfect time is at this moment. Exactly now. Because at the end of the day you know it’s going to be a challenge. It can be a struggle you only going to win if you use all your talents combine with life imperfections.

3. Letting criticism get into you.

Dealing with everyone’s complaints and criticism can get into you and ruin your life. If it gets under your skin and keeps dragging you down everytime it happens then might you need to find healthy ways to handle it…

  • Talk it out with a close friend or a family member.
  • Note the people who you hang out with. Avoid negative people from your life.
  • Take things easy, you don’t need to worry what the world think of you.


4. Losing yourself in workload.

Nowadays everyone has a busy life. Tasks and deadlines make life overwhelmed sometimes. Letting yourself lose in this busyness can truly affect your physical and mental health if not dealt on time with.

Use common sense. Make your health your priority. Take little breaks every so often. That all depends on what you do, maybe take five to ten minutes every hour.

5. Taking yourself too seriously.

Some of us has jobs that require you to be serious. I get it. Yes pay the attention and all the energy that your work needs, but remember to enjoy otherwise what is the point of doing it.

Taking yourself too seriously can become a mindset that pervents you from the joy in everyday life. So lighten up. Have a laugh. Don’t take life too seriously. Be in the present and live  happier.

6. Nurturing hate and envy.

In life sometimes we experience the feelings of hate and envy. These feelings consume your soul, consume the best of you.

Stop nurturing hate in you life. Forgive and let go is the formula to moving on towards a brighter day, a brighter future. Nurture love instead. It will make all the difference in right direction.

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