7 Reasons Why People Feel Lost In Life

Have you ever entered a big forest with a deep curiosity to find out where it ends, or does it really ends? You walk and walk and walk for hours. It’s an amazing beauty of nature and it feels great until you want to get out but no matter what direction you follow it is an endless forest. You feel lost in the forest.


Did you ever had a job that you hated it with passion, but you still had to go each day like sleepwalking because it paid for your bills?  Every morning instead of jumping out of bed full of joy to experience a new day, you wish you didn’t have to get out of bed. You simply feel lost in the forest of life….

Or being in a love relationship  when your heart don’t skip a beat anymore. Love seemed to dissapear letting you feel blank and lost…

Why do we in some stages of life feel lost?

1. Lost in their meaningless routine.

When it all begins you tell yourself that, one day you be doing something else, something that brings joy and bliss in your life. But it’s not happening. Now this is the routine of your life. You can’t even remeber how long you been doing it for. You don’t have time to think about your dreams. Life turns into work and sleep. Nothing more.

2. Lost in time.

Everyone out there have a passion in life. Most people though lock their passions into their minds because they don’t have that time to pursue their passion. That what they tell themselves anyway.

Why is not so many people out there do what they love to do in life? Because is not easy to chase your passion when you need to survive. It’s damn hard isn’t it. Of course it is. It meant to be hard. That is the secret. That is why not everyone turns his life into a success. Because you have to get through the struggle and make it happen for yourself.

3. Lost their purpose.

When you have no purpose in life there is no joy. Sometimes people can’t figure out what they want do with their lives. They can’t locate their meaning of being in life. They feel stuck on what they do.

4. Lost in their emotional state of mind.

Way to often we feel tired of dealing with what it’s going on in our minds. The emotional state feels a mess. Too overloaded with information of all sorts. It leads into feeling lost of your Soul.


5. Lost for support, but there is none.

Join this network. Join that network. And another. Get the support you need.

What support? Are you kidding yourself? There is nil support from all networks. Networks are there to suck out your energy and make you feel crap.

6. Lost in the fantasy world of medias.

The media create a fantasy world all around us. It’s just the ideal and perfect world. Then we all run to reach these expectations. When we get exhausted and there is only a illusion we feel depressed and lost. You fail because it was a flash not a real goal. It’s a flash that blinds our eyes and poisons our minds.

Wake up to the real world.

7.Lost for love.

You might have loaded bank accounts. If you have money you definitely have friends too. But you still can feel very lonely in this busy and crazy world, if your heart is longing for love.

You feel lost for different reasons. When you do your heart and Soul disconnect.

Live the life you love and you never feel lost ever again. You have to create it for yourself, magic doesn’t work.

Photo Credit Pixabay




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