10 Ways To Learn To Love Yourself Again

This is about you, me and many others out there who through struggle of life try to hurt themselves. It’s so sad. They are beautiful people but in their darkest moments of life they can’t think clearly. Dealing with demons in life is quite a tough battle.

Couple of days ago I was reading a post of my fellow blogers. “Maybe I am insane, maybe I am crazy. I cry, I scream. Many times in the past I tried to hurt myself. But you never try to do what I did”, she wrote.

An open heart saying I am weak but I am fighting to be strong. I give you advice, but I am just like you just like everyone out there…

Dear reader!

If you are going through hell,  first thing you need to do is talk to someone your close to. If you lost trust and confidence in people and yourself there is ways to change that. If you get out there is still sunshine. Or maybe is snow and you feel the cold. There are people who love you and adore you. Don’t forget that…

People go through different struggles, but worst one is accepting yourself with all your imprefections..

Here are some tips on how to learn to love yourself again.

1. Face the mirror!

Your mirrors are just like mine. They don’t like me too. But who cares. Face the mirror and accept that you look good. I am not just saying it, I believe so. So should you. Before you leave the house, wear that lovely genuine smile. And keep your head high.

After all do you know a friend or someone who is perfect. No, because prefection don’t exist.

2. Face the cold reality.

The truth is life has it’s ups and downs, for all of  us. But when life throws at you challenge after challenge it feels you can’t cope anymore. Maybe you lost your job. Maybe you lost a loved one. Or might your relationship broke down and  the one you loved most turn their back on you…Or you don’t have enough money to pay bills and provide for your family.

Let’s face the reality. Let’s get out there and feel the cool breeze. Today it feels cold, but that wont last. Sooner be warmer. Your situation will change because things change and you’re trying.

3. Build your confidence up.

List what you love about yourself. You have a great smile. You are polite. You love helping other people. You look pretty on your top and jeans. You are caring. Add some more..

Yes there might be things you don’t like about yourself. But be kind to yourself. Don’t call yourself fat, or any other names. Take some action if you like to change something. I mean you may want to lose some weight, do something about it.

4. Don’t compare yourself with others.

We all are so different. You are unique. You are you and no-one else. So be you. Accept that I can’t look like George Cloony because I am not him. Don’t compare. Love yourself for who you are.

5. Improve as you go.

If you feel you have not the skills that would give you the lifestyle you love, then grab the opportunity and learn. Improve and be the person you want to be. Everyday is a new day and another chance to change your life for better.

6. Keep away from people who bring you down.

Unfortunatelly they are everywhere. One thing they are good at is: they make you feel miserable. The bring you down. They make you hate yourself.

Give yourself a favor keep them out of your life for good.

7. Forgive the past and let go.

Whatever happen then,  great things or big mistakes, forgive and let the past go.

Focus and now and live in the present. Appreciate what you have and express gratitude.

8. Invest in things that bring joy in your life.

Invest time and effort in little things you love. Whatever are your passions find the courage and follow them. Life is to short. Give yourself chances to fulfill your life with little pleasures.

9. Believe in yourself.

If a life changing opportunity appear in your horizon, grab it before is to late. Believe in yourself. You can make it great.

10. Be kind and loving to people around you.

Be kind and loving to your family and friends. Be kind and loving to all people around you.

Time goes fast. Situations change. People come and go from your life. But yourself is always there for you, ALWAYS.

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