6 Ways To Stop Caring What Others Think Of You

Yes, she said but what others will think about it. What do you mean I asked her. Well you know what I mean, other people will talk, they will judge us you know I am right..

Why do we really care so much what other people think of us? It’s your life why it matter to you what I think? Do you really give a f**k about other people’s opinion when it comes to your life… Because if you do that is just nuts..

1. Learn to be your own individual and enjoy.

Humans are so alike, yet so different. You don’t need to follow me, your neighbour, your friend, your coworker, or a stranger. Your so unique. You’re just you. Different from the crowd. Build you confidence and be who you are. Follow your heart and be happy. Just be happy for who you are and in the way you are.

Sing, dance, run. Do your own thing. There is no need to worry what other people think about you. No need at all.

2. Learn to be comfortable not knowing what others think of you.

Trying hard to assume what he/she might think if you do this. Well, don’t. Whatever they think not your problem. Remember we don’t have control over everything. And how do you know they are thinking and judging you? You simply don’t.

It’s very likely they don’t give a monkey what you do, where you go, what car you have or what you dress. Maybe they don’t have time for that. Because they are too busy with their lives.

Learn to be ok not knowing what others think of you.

3. Let others think what they do.

Let assume for a moment they do think about you. You don’t need to try and find out what they think. You know why? Because they only can see how you look, dress, walk. They can’t see inside your heart and soul.

4. You can’t please the world.

Don’t even think about living your life to please others. Even if you tried that would been mission impossible. You can’t please the world.

But if you do follow your dreams may you can be happy and that what really matters. Be yourself, be happy. Laugh and enjoy each day.

5. Practise positive thinking.

Stop assuming what other people think of you. If they do that is their opinion. And everyone is in entitled to that. You are you and their opinion changes nothing.

We all want to be liked. We all like attention. But it don’t mean you have to try hard to be liked and get the attention. If you do you might look desperate and needy.

Instead be natural and focus on your goals. Get yourself busy. Think positive always.

6. Practise self love and acceptance.

Most worries to what other people think of us come from having low confidence. Therefore we think other people know more than we do. They are better than us.

Practise daily self love. Accept that you are different.  In your own rights you’re as good as anyone. Learn to love yourself. Learn to live a happy life without worrying what the world think of you. At the bottom line it doesn’t matter what others think of you.

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