12 Tips To Find Happiness

If you are searching for ways of being happy you’ll come to terms that happiness is a state of mind, is the state of being and feeling good.

Yet many people struggle through their search of finding that state of being happy. Numerous people think this is about success, achieving a great success will change your life for good. That can be close to the truth, but I have met wealthy people who had nearly everything in life but still felt miserable..

There are simple things that you can do everyday that walk you towards happiness in life.

1. People come before possessions, love comes before money.

You might disagree with me in this one but that’s ok. I respect that.

This is what I believe to be true. Love makes you happier than money. I totally know you need money to survive through love and life..

If you run after money and possessions and forget about your relationships in life, one day you may be rich but you also may be a empty soul too.

Make the right choice. Find the right balance.

2. Learn to be human, again.

The technology  has affected our lives and changed it in so many ways. Millions now use their smart phones to find a date. To process a holiday. To book a flight. To have a chat. Yes even a face to face chat.

Smart phones become the king of life. But what happen to human connection? What happen to the power of eye contact? What happen the to the warmth of a real hug?

Don’t let it get lost. I mean the humanity.

Learn to be human again. Meet up more often with friends for drink and laughter. Walk into park and observe the nature. Visit your family. Play football.

3. When about making a choice, listen to the voice coming from your heart..

Not the loudest one coming from your ego. Because the things that are so close with your heart make you happy.

4. Start living in the present.

Worrying is waste of time. Being positive and taking action change the situations. Fully Live in present moment. Whatever you doing be hundred percent body-mind there. Enjoy. Breathe. Appreciate the moment.

5. Pick the right option not the easiest one.

Is fact that often times the right option is the tough one. But you have to go with right one not the easiest one. You know why? Because you want to approach your happiness.

6. Fear is always there so fear and do it anway.

What we want most the time is on other side of fear. It means we need to go through fear to reach the destination. I am afraid there are no other alternatives.

7. Sometimes you have to let go of good opportunities to make time for great ones.

Yes there might be too many good opportunities coming on your way, but sometimes you have to let them go so you can focus on that great one.

Also make more time for people in your life. Time is the greatest resource we have on our hands.  And  how we use it does make big a difference in our lives.

8. Be that change you want to see in the world.

Rather than trying to change the world be that change yourself.

You can afford to smile to a stranger and lift their spirit. You can afford to give someone a hand. You can afford to be kind and generous. You can afford to treat people with care and respect.

Then if you do all that you did your part to change the world.

9. Be genuine, be real.

When you say “sorry”, mean it. When you say “I am happy for you”, mean it. When you say a compliment to someone, mean it. Be genuine.

10. Let it be, you can’t control everything.

Don’t bring yourself down over things you can’t control. Just let it be.

11. Only you can turn your life around.

If you feel you are so far from being happy, stop waiting to win the lottery and turn your life around. Only you can do it.

12. Learn from life lessons.

When times get tough, don’t fall down, learn the lesson and move on to the next stage.

Walk your own path in life and smile. Happiness is this moment you were given to live. Live it to the fullest.

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