18 Things To Start Doing For Yourself

This world is a huge place. Billions of humans share it together. We wake up every morning and try to make the most of the day. We go to work. Get tired. Back home. The next day you do it all over again. And the weeks turn to months and months turn to years.

No matter what you doing, you should have a real smile in your face. You should be happy in whatever you doing. That what the life is all about. Live each day like is your last one.

Unfortunatelly this is not the case for many of us. We just chase our routine everyday..

Here are some things that you should start doing for yourself.

1. Find your passion and turn it into your life purpose.

I love maths, but I love writing too.  They always been my passions. When I started working as maths teacher I loved every minute. But one day I had to leave….

Then I did many different jobs. Humans adapt easy to different life styles.

I been doing different jobs but I lost my purpose. One night I asked myself: why am I not happy what I am missing from life? The purpose, the passion, was the answer…

2. Start valuing your time.

Some people waste their time like they will live forever. Sometimes we all do.

Start valuing your time. It’s precious. It never comes back. Spend it doing what you love doing. Spend it with the right people,  with people you love. With people that mean the world to you.

3. Start being honest with yourself.

You and yourself should always be at harmony and peace. But that wont happen if you are not honest with yourself. Be honest who you are and what you want to achieve. Be clear and honest to what you need to change. Listen to your heart and soul, always.

4. Start facing your problems.

Life is struggle most the time. You have to face your problems. Otherwise they always be there in your way. Take action to every challenge life throws at you. And move on with a smile in your face.

5. Start making your happiness your priority.

Work hard. Live every day to the full. And hope for a better day tomorrow.

Chase your happiness today. Live every little moment. Appreciate and cheerish the people in your life. Fill your life with laughter and love. Be happy.

6. Live in the present.

Every day is present in our lives. So live and enjoy that present. Don’t waste it thinking about the past or worrying about the future.

7. Learn from mistakes and move to next step.

People make mistakes everyday. Mistakes teach us a lesson we didn’t know. We learn and grow through mistakes.

8. Give someone a second chance.

We do get things wrong sometimes. It doesn’t make us bad, only make us human. If someone got it wrong at first attemt give them a second chance..

9. Every day is another chance to improve yourself.

You have a routine everyday but to embrace change we need to improve. Grab each day don’t let it sleep away. You want to be a better you.

10. Take deep breaths when times are tough.

Take deep breaths when life gets hard. It’s not forever. Move forward, don’t give up.

11. Don’t hold grudges, Forgive.

Enough said. Forgive. Light your heart. Live.

12. Take small breaks.

Life can get stressful for everyone. Pay attention to your body and mind. Take small breaks.

13. Be your true self.

Around the world there are millions of successful people. One might live in your neigbourhood.

Just be you. Your true self. Don’t try to be someone you are not.

14. Help others.

There are peope out there who need help. They are quiet people. Maybe they wont even ask for help. They just trying to manage… Please go ahead and help them.

15. Connect with nature.

You know how you feel when you sit and live these moments with nature. You find the inner self. It’s a peaceful connection, really worth living.

16. Treasure the little moments of life.

Don’t sit and wait for big celebrations to be happy. Treasure the little moments that life give you everyday generously. Play football with your kids. It don’t matter who wins. You all win a  great moment of happiness together.

17. Be open to change.

If you think you not living to your full potential, be open and ready for a change. No one knows you better than you know yourself. If I can, you can too.

18. Appreciate the good health more than wealth.

Breathe fresh air. Walk, run, dance, love, laugh. Love more. Appreciate the good health.

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19 responses to “18 Things To Start Doing For Yourself

  1. I love number 5. Making happiness your number one priority is so important and I feel like some people overlook. By starting with ourselves, we can easily radiate our own happiness to those around use and this in turn can lead to a contagious effect and affect everyone!

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  2. i think #6 is my favorite. We so often forget to live in the moment…whether we are planning for the future or excited for tomorrow, or ruminating over a mistake we made a while ago, we so often forget about the HERE AND NOW. today is more important than yesterday or tomorrow. I wrote a poem a while ago about time and how if we don’t do things NOW we will wait too long and maybe never get them done. this was a great post, and as the above author said, I also really like #5. 🙂

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  3. I loved the 1st one. I have found my passion and I know what it gives you when you give it a chance. Your whole life gets changed in a minute if you have your passion with you. A great read! thank a lot for sharing..

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  4. I should say that no. 1 is something that I am really doing. My job of teaching and my wish to write, both are deep rooted to my passions. All of them are something which I always feel true about and try my best to do. Thanks for sharing and showing me that I am striving on the right track. 🙂

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