10 Ways To Be A Interesting Person

Few years ago I remember being in a party with a group of friends. There were this guy talking and getting the attention of all the girls there. Then a friend of mine was trying hard to get the attention. He started being loud, laughing and attemting to be funy. It didn’t work. The other guy had it all. He was an average looking but he just know how to make everyone listen to him.

Have you ever wondered how can I be a more interesting person. I am not saying you are boring or dull. But sometime we all do feel that way.

Yourself is the person you spend most time with and that’s way you should try and become more interesting.

Here are some simple ways to become most interesting person.

1. Learn as many new skills as you can.

Just think for a moment: The more skills you have, the more you develop yourself. The more skills you learn the more opportunities you open to yourself in life. The more skills you learn the more interesting person you become.

There is always a topic for you to talk about.

2. Show curiousity and be creative.

Be curious about things. Ask questions. Have an open mind. Learn. Be creative when it come to solve a problem. Seek new ideas and experiences. Deepen your understanig into the outside world.

3. Be a great storyteller.

A good story can attract a wider crowd when told by a great storyteller. Knowing your audience, using tact in conversation, body language and all combined can affect a story and make it more interesting.

4. Be an active listener.

When someone else is talking become an active listener. Listen very carefully to what other person is saying and try to understand their motives. Don’t interrupt. Show respect and compassion. Remember at times we could be wrong and others can be right.

5. Engage yourself in thoughtful conversation.

Ask clever questions that captures others imagination. Then follow up with a deep and meaningful conversation.

6. Speak your mind.

You don’t have to agree to everything other people say. In fact if you agree to all what is said then is just a boring talk. Say what you think. Base it on facts.

7. Develop your interests.

Learn about your interests. Broaden your mind about your passions. When you learn more about something you love the process become easier and enjoyable.

8. Explore the world and share the experience.

If you can afford to travel and explore different parts of the world, now that’s great. You’ll live an amazig experience. Meet new and interesting people. Learn new cultures.

Wherever you go learn some greetings words.

After all share what you discovered. Everyone would love to hear the story.

9. Read more books.

Don’t tell me you already have read a lot. You might have, but you never read enough. So read new books. Each book opens another window for you to view the world.

10. Hang out with different crowd.

It’s good to be appreciated. If people don’t appreciate you run with different crowd. Be natural. Be you. Be interesting.

Photo credit pixabay

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