Signs Of A Toxic Friend

Friendship matters very much in our lives. We get so much joy of a good genuine friendship. It’s one of them things, words can really explain it. If you’re upset and try not to show it they spot it straight way. What’s wrong?  will be their question and you’ll see they are ready to give you a hug and take you to their comfort… It’s such a lovely feeling.

Yet again life shows the good and the bad. From the point you stand you consider everyone honest and good. You think your friends are the best. You have so much fun and laughter with them… But one of them seem a bit odd. He/she dont answer your calls for while then you get a text saying they need to see you. If you suspected them for not being a good friend you blame yourself for judging them. They say they need you… They say they count on you…. Hold on!

It’s time to get a reality check. What’s going on here?

Signs that your dealing with a toxic friend.

1. They ALWAYS, always find a negative thing to say on whatever you do.

One day you say to yourself: I had enough of this, they don’t seem to be a friend to me but rather an enemy.  Afterwards you miss them and you think you been unreasonable. They show up. First thing they do they begin criticising you about something, anything. It’s unbelievable how much of negative energy they carry. They put you down AGAIN. Your friend! But is it really? A friend suppose to lift you up not to drag you down…

2. You been there for them, they never been there for you.

You support a friend in everything they want to do. You make sure you’re always there when they need you.

What happens when you need them? Well,  they wont even reply to your phones call or messages. They seem to disappear.

3. They seem to be jealous and possessive.

You are happy if a friend of yours achieve something in life.

But when you expect them to be happy for you they are not. They seem jealous and possessive.

4. They don’t care about you, obviously.

A genuine friend is always there if you need a chat, a hug or a shoulder to cry on. But these people wont be there. When they show up they be complaining about something. Then might pay you a compliment. Wow! That’s make a change. And you wait patiently what’s next. They say they need you. Of course they do, otherwise they wouldn’t show their face. Manipulative people!

5. They are fake people.

They lie to you. When you’re happy they have a smirk in their face. They are trying to convince you they are smiling and happy for you.

Behind your back they will say hundreds of bad things about you.

6. Always unavailable when you want them.

They say they like you. Ok, that’s good. When you try to contact them, when you want to speak to them… Surprise, surprise they always busy, never available for you…

7. They push you to make bad choices and take bad decisions.

It’s just a natural thing we do whenever we need to make a choice or take a decision. We always speak to a friend. What you think I should do? It’s an open and sincere question.

Guess what? They always push you in the wrong side. They try to make you get the bad choice. And they do it intentionally…

Mend it or end it?

They are bad news. Everytime!

Ok. You notice all this and you ask yourself: are they being bad because they haven’t got a clue or are they being toxic. Should I try to mend this friendship or end it altogether.

It’s time to move on. They are toxic people. Let them enjoy their toxic world without you.

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