How To Deal With Frustration

We all have found ourselves time after time feeling frustrated for different reasons. You might are stuck in a dead end job. Or worse been laid off work and no matter how hard you tray to find another job it dont seem to work. You getting nowhere. Then frustration invades our minds. Why can’t I make it work? What’s wrong with me?


And at some point you are ready to quit. I give up, you tell yourself.

But before you do, hold on. Dont give up just yet. Of course there is options for any of us. We just need to cool down and take a closer look.

1. Find that little light in your life.

Yup. There is a light even in your darkest times. You only cant see it because of frustration and the down feelings. Take a moment. Sit in a dark room and shut your eyes. Think. What is working for you? Sure there is something that is working. If you find it hard to answer that question let me get closer to you. Are you healthy? If yes then there is something positive that will help you get into to your successful path in life.

2. Remind yourself about your achievements.

Once in while we all need to remind ourselves what we have achieved in life. But this is more important if you going through struggle. When times are tough we hardly notice there are things that we have already achieved. Remind yourself that you’re not a failure and yes things will change if you are trying.

3. Focus on what can be done right now.

At time when we feel frustrated we tend to live in the future. So best thing you can do is, return yourself on the very present moment and focus on what can you do to change what is not working. Look at all options and possibilities that are available for you.

4. Remember you’re never alone.

There was this time in my life when I lost my job, I lost my friends, I lost my relationship and it felt I lost myself. What you need to remember is when you feel lost and alone you’re never alone. Keep believing and keep going. There is hope. There is always light after darkness.

5. Take action.

When we are frustrated with something that is getting you nowhere we just dont want to work on it anymore. It feels like a permanent failure.

Maybe change the approach. There is still steps to be taken. And you never know. The success could be just around the corner.

6. Keep positive.

Yes even when you are so close of giving up. Worrying wont help you get a solution. So stay positive. Take another look of situation. Things might not be as bad as you thought. A sense of humour and a positive spirit always help and open your mind to more  possibilties of change and success.

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