What Stress Does To You

fI would like to have a look at the good, the bad and the ugly that stress can do to you.

If you wish you could have a stress free life that wish might hardly come true. But of course everyone wants to have less stress in life and enjoy it as much as possible.

When we have to meet a deadline at work we begin feeling anxious and stressed. On this occasion it may does help us to focus to reach the goal and meet that deadline. So that is a good thing. Or when there is a difficult decision to make, stress can push you to be thoughtful and come out with the right choice.

Stress most the time can harm our minds and body when goes unaddressed. It’s so easy to get stressed in life nowadays. A stressful job, not enough income, never getting a break, bills. Or even worse getting ill physically can add more stress to life.

How stress affects people’s lives?

A story that results in a painful experience can carry on fetching you stress in many ways. You feel down all the time. Your self confidence get knocked. You go to bed but you can’t sleep even might feel shattered physically.

Further more stress left unattended can cause panic attacks. It doesn’t just go away. It find a home in your body and starts building up causing you many problems.

If you’re living with an addiction is likely you having a stressful life. Addictions can be a trigger of stress and on other hand, stress can spiral your addiction into a deeper level.

Seek medical help straight way if going through stress in life. First step can be talking it out to a family member or a close friend. Someone who is not judgemental. Someone that will listen to you.  There is always a way. Don’t suffer in silence. And don’t wait another day. Now is the right time.

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