5 Reasons That Saying “Yes”Can Change Your Life

We talk and talk how everyone should follow their dreams and have a joyful life. You know why, everyone does. Because life is too short. Times just runs so fast.

So many of us though are stuck in nine to five job. And as economic crisis is sat here with us they probabily feel lucky to have that job and make the ends meet.

Yet out there are endless opporunities and if you don’t grab one, someone else will in no time.

Here are some reasons that saying “yes” could hide the power to change your life.

1. It could be the key to open the doors of your dreams.

Dreams always live with us through life. They never disappear. When opporunity arise they knock on our door. But fear most the time don’t let us open the door and embrace the opportunity. Fear of failure. “It’s too much for me”. “It’s not right time”. “I never did that before”.  And we say “no”. We let it go.

Try and think what would happen if said “yes”. First, great opportunities wont come every day. Secondly, they don’t choose perfect times. Thirdly that chance could be the key that will open the doors of your dreams.

So next time let go of all negative thinking, and say yes to a great opportunity. Let it unfold the pages of unkown. Just say  “yes” to change and let it happen in your life. You’ll be glad you did sooner.

2. It offers excitement.

Were you offered a new job?  A new field appeared in your life? I know the first thought that comes in your mind is: no. No way.

It might sound to good to be true. Or might is something you never did it before.

Say “yes”. Let it in. Grab it and if you never did it before learn to do it. You can be as good as everyone.

And it will bring so much excitement in your life.

3. It could open other doors for you.

One change can lead to many different new opporunities. You only have to say “yes”. Go with your heart. Allow it to occur.

You’ll meet new people. Make new friends. And with some action other doors will open for you. You be amazed how your life will change.

Sky is the limit, they say. You look at blue skies and  there is no boundaries.

4. You can discover a new Self.

When we say yes to a new challenge we enter a new world. You can transform yourself. By doing more than you ever thought you could.

A new chance. A creative life. A new Self.

5. Life is too short to say “no”.

An open door is a generous invitation to go and explore the world. Do not reject it. Because if you do, you may live to regret it. Think a bit longer. Let your imagination lead you to that open door. Say a big “YES” and run with that new chance. It could be the key to unlock your dreams. It’s a whole world out there.

Say yes and live your dreams. Life is too short to say no.

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