3 Fearless Steps Pivotal To Your Happiness

In everyday life I am human just like you, like everyone out there. I fear, I am anxious, I get stressed. I lose control.

My life for too long feels like a struggle. I feel broken. I feel I can’t cope anymore.

Then I start thinking about people in my life. What about them? Some innocent humans who love me deeply and who need me. Who desperately need me. I can see then how selfish I can be….

There always been questions in my mind for many things for my personal life.

I am I truly happy? Have I met the true love? What are my life purpose? Am I confident in life? Do I fear too much about stuff in life?

Sometimes I think I knew all the answers to these questions. Not long after I fear and doubt everything in my life.

Like I said in the beginning of this post I am human like you.. At times fear forms a big cloud over my head and prevents me from being truly happy and having a joyful life.

I come to conclusion that life is like a book. Every day is a new page. Someday are sunny and beautiful. Some others are just a tough part. But you have to live through all of them. As you go through everyday you learn that you don’t have much control over many things. You also learn that your thoughts either can make you smile and brighten up your day or make you feel miserable and gloomy and live in shadow….

1. Learn to deal with fears.

I wish someone out there would come to me and  say: he/she live a fearless life. He/she never know what fear is. He/she only know how to pursue happiness. To be quite honest I doubt that person exist.

Humans just learn to live with fear. Many know just how to stop feeding fears. That is critical to your happiness.

As we learn to deal with fears most the time they don’t even come to pass. Even if they do their real impact in our lives is not even close to the outcome in our minds.

2. Love your true Self.

At some point in life you come to think most people don’t like the way you look. Most people talk behind your back. They hate you.

You look at yourself and ….Yes you agree with your thoughts. You don’t like yourself either.

You abandon yourself when you need it most. So  wrong. Change your thoughts. You came a long way. You know yourself more than anyone can know you. Stick with yourself. Love yourself. Make yourself smile even through these dark days.

3. Find your passion and never let it go.

If you feel lost into a job you hate move fast to change that. If you feel confused in what you do stop and ask yourself a simple question: is it this you want to do for the rest of your life?

Take action. What is it you love doing? Writing? Climbing mountains? Seeking adventure? Travelling to new places?

Whatever makes you happy that you should chase. Don’t be influenced on how much money will you make. It should not affect your dreams and passions.

What you waiting for? Run, run as fast as you can. Chase your passion and never let it go.

Oh and keep that smile going!

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7 responses to “3 Fearless Steps Pivotal To Your Happiness

  1. Great post and I like this, “If you feel lost into a job you hate move fast to change that.” So often we’re afraid to leave the comfort zone, take risks and do what we love.

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