7 Signs That You’re Falling Out Of Love

We all think we met once the true love in life. The one that knows no distance, no barriers, no fear, no boundaries. The true love that makes you feel in heaven. When your heart skips a beat. The true love knows no rules, no age, no language.

Love is the favorite topic to so many people. We are so passionate about it. One describes love as magical feeling.

But when lots of people talk about love not so many talk of falling out of love.

“There was this guy I loved with all my heart. I just knew he was the one. But one day after few years things changed. I did not feel the same anymore. I looked at him, he was the same person. My feelings weren’t there anymore though”. These are the words of a friend of mine.

Experts say plenty people confuse the feelings of excitement of meeting someone new and having passionate sex with the feelings of love. They assume they fallen in love when in fact they haven’t.

Sometimes the opposite also happens. You have fallen in love, but after few years everything gets boring. There is not much fun anymore. Communication breaks down and couples just think they fallen out of love. They look elsewhere for a new excitement. Once they experience that the realize they missed that someone they loved. They would do anything to get back with them.

But it is possible to fall out of love,  experts say. That when this person you love changes.

Here some signs that you fallen out of love.

1. Your imperfections  come to light.

Of course every human has it’s own weak points, or imperfections. But when you’re in love with someone we ignore these points. We love this people with all their imperfections. We focus on what are they so wonderful at.

Once the one of you begin to count what your imprefections are or what is wrong with you then the cracks appear in your love story… One heart is going to get hurt.

2. Low tolerance.

Even through love there is not always highs. People make mistakes. People apologize. People forgive and move on. Love goes lives another day.

But when someone fall out of love they have very low tolerance towards their partner. They seem to complaint most the time. Or they criticise you for nearly everything.

3. Priorities change.

When you’re in love you can’t wait to get together with your partner. Time flies. You go everywhere together. You love being with one another.

But when you notice the priorities of your partner changed maybe is time to wake up and call into your feelings. One of you may fallen out of love.

4. Less physical affection.

Two people in love will show it anywhere. They keep touching, kissing, holding hands, looking into each others eyes. It’s so much physical affection. It feels they can’t wait to get somewhere private.

If this affection lessen and one don’t even come close to other one there are signs that one of the  partners may fallen out of love. Sex is not in cards any longer.

5. Less connection.

Love knows no distance…. When appart you’re thinking of them. Sending them love texts. Love hearts. You let them know you miss them. When you talk to one another you can feel the resonance in their voice. There is all this fire which burns…

You notice they are not texting these days. No phone calls either. Feelings gone cold. One of you might fallen out of love.

6. No much support.

If the love is falling appart, partners dont show much support to one who need it.

7. No communication.

If there is no cummuication, one avoiding other, no eye contact. Maybe there is not much to be said. One lost their love feelings.

People in love are happy people. When love disappears these people feel miserable. Guess what? If you just staying in a relationship because you can’t break your spouse’s heart, it’s time to say it out loud. It’s healthier this way.

Credit Pixabay Images

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