10 Ways To Add Meaning To A Conversation

I remember a fellow bloggers comment couple of months ago. She wrote: I don’t like the small talk. I like a meaningful conversation.

Who doesn’t like a meaningful long chat. It makes a deeper connection, it brings us closer together. And more often than not makes your day brighter and puts a big smile in your face.

But how can we add meaning to a conversation?

1. Listening fully before you talk.

I have seen plenty people when your telling a story, they just get so excited, they are so ready to interrupt. What’s the point,they are not listenning!

Be patient, and listen to your friend, brother, partner. If you have an amazing experience to tell I can assure your turn will come. And if it’s an amazing tale, after ten minutes still be amazing. Just listen for now.

2. Show curiosity and engagement.

Ask questions in a proper way that shows you are engaged in conversation and show curiosity in what the other person have to say.

Be genuine though. Don’t ask a question just to give them an idea that your engaged in conversation. Be real.

3. Don’t force the conversation.

Don’t try to force the conversation in only a topic that interests you. Let it run in a natural way and follow other person. Take notice of their passion and let them talk about it.

4. Value each others time.

If there is only a topic you going to talk about get to the point and don’t waste each others time. Just discuss what matters to both of you and focus on how you can help one another.

5. Ask, Β don’t just assume what adds value to them.

You might think you know how can you add value to this person, but you don’t know as good as they do. So ask what is their priority.

Also offering help is what makes you different from others is what make this relationship special, is what makes this connection feel great.

6. A meaningful talk sometimes only take few minutes.

You know when you feel down and you get a nice email from a good friend….. It feel as ray of sunshine, It makes you feel worthy, happy, great.

Or maybe you just got married and an old friend just phones and congratulates you, even you didn’t invited him to your wedding.

7. Be honest.

Sometimes people think telling lies make these people more interesting. No, it does not. Be honest. Nothing is more intersting than being yourself.

8. Include others.

If you having a conversation with more than one person make sure you engage others in conversation too, and don’t just speak to one of the group.

9. If you think you want to let them know how great you are….. Think again.

Some people feel they accomplished great goals and just hurry to spell it out. Have you got something special to say about yourself? Ok, think again.

If you feel you’re great you really don’t need to say it out and loud. From your conversation they will get that feeling. So hold it back. Maybe that is for the best.

10. Always follow up.

Next time when you meet up with this person again remember few important things that you talked about last time.

Ask them how they been doing on this points. Their passion, their job, their family. It does add meaning to the conversation.

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12 responses to “10 Ways To Add Meaning To A Conversation

  1. Great tips Seb! Glad to reblog. I think it’s more the rule than the exception that people find engaging in meaningful conversation awkward and a struggle. What you have to say, especially about listening, is very important and sometimes I need reminding too!

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  2. These points are really helpful πŸ™‚
    I find it extremely difficult to talk to people, especially with people I don’t know or don’t like much. I feel like its a waste of my time and energy.

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