How To Stop Wasting Your Precious Time On Social Media

I was sitting other day in one of the cafes in town and enjoying my coffee. Opposite me were two lads waiting for their breakfast. Soon they had two plates of full english breakfast delivered. That looks nice one of them said. The other one was more interested to taste it. No dont, the first one shouted. We have to take some pictures first. Nice and yummy. They took few photos with their phones then asked me if I could take a picture of them with their breakfast. Of course, I did. Now let’s put it on facebook.

Their breakfast was getting cold, but that didn’t bother me. I kept thinking about these genius people who found all the social media sites and managed to get millions and millions of people  exactly where they wanted it. On their sites posting, sharing and wasting their precious time whilst making money for others.

The problem is we don’t realize how much time we spend on these sites. It’s an addiction. We check one another out, read of what someone said, look at some lovely pictures and videos, say hello to someone else. Oh so many “friends”! Then when we check the time it’s been more than half hour. What a great way to waste your time.

Social media is sucking so much of our time. So let’s take a moment and think. How long you spend there and what makes it a enjoyable time for you? Connecting to others, might be one of your answers.

Here are some ways to stop wasting your time and get a grip and live a real life with real people.

1. What are your goals related to social media.

Simple. What good  is social media to you  at this moment. Is it helping you to fulfill some goals? If yes, that’s ok but still take notice of time.  What is crucial that you need to do? Focus on that and don’t spend to much time just wandering on different pages for nothing in return.

If you go on social media to escape the reality and to connect with friends from different parts of the world I am going to say: STOP AND FACE THE REALITY.

It’s time to make some big changes and sort out the priorities in your life. If you need a job get a job. If you have time to kill get outside of your box and feel the breeze of fresh air. Enjoy it. It’s free. And if you like to connect get out in nature and first connect with yourself. Then take a look around. There are many people around there. They are real people. You can talk to them. They are humans in your reach.

2. Take control of your time.

By the way I don’t hate social media. I am just like you. Sometimes I get lost there too.

But we need to keep control over the time we spend there. So if you think you going to check Twiter for example set an certain amount of time. It’s important because you have better things to do with your time.

Set a limit daily and stick to it.

3. Live your moment.

What is the worst that could happen to you if you forgot your phone at home one day. Do you think you might get a panic attack… I tell you what, it might happen. You could get out and enjoy lunch somewhere. (Without looking at your phone).You might take a walk and get to see some other human beings. You might happen to see and feel the beauty of the nature. Very likely you might see other creatures too. And you know what, they don’t use mobile phones or social media but you can tell they surely are enjoying their day. Don’t you think we need to learn a lesson from nature and forget the phone a bit more often at home.

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8 responses to “How To Stop Wasting Your Precious Time On Social Media

  1. I feel like social media makes us nothing but unhappy.We only see the happy and glamorous parts of people’s lives that they’ve cherry-picked in order to craft a perfect image of themselves. It’s essentially bragging. This is why I love blogging and connecting with people from all around the world, with no expectations to fulfill, just everyone’s passion for helping and writing.

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  2. I don’t have facebook, whatsapp, twitter, insta and all. I am here only just for the sake of my writing. Becz i know they suck a lot of time in doing nothing. I have seen my bro hiding his face behind his phone. It’s really frustrating for me. By the way great effort! Loved this 1. 🙂


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