11 Ways To A Better Sleep

Having a good night sleep adds to all the health benefits. On other hand if you have problems getting asleep or you fall asleep but have trouble having a good sleep there are things you can do to change that.

The quality of sleep matters to us a great deal. It affects our health and that will be reflect on your next day. You either be focused and full of energy or tired and confused all day long.

How can we have a better sleep?

1. Invest in a good bed.

It’s the place where we rest comfortably, so invest in a good bed (mattress) and some nice pillows.

2. Take a shower in evening.

Or a nice bath. It cools you down, relax your body and overall helps to a good night sleep.

3. Sleep naked

Sleeping naked it’s recommended by sleep experts. It has many benefits. Make sure you feel warm enough, but not hot. Regulate the temperature with blankets. Stay always in the cool side. Don’t go in bed with cold feet.

4. Go to sleep and get up at the same time every day.

Set a bed time and stick to it. Not early but not to late either. It will depend on your lifestyle. Having a consistent bed time and wake up, will help to set your body inner  clock and improve the quality of your sleep.

You should wake up yourself without an alarm in the morning after a good night sleep.  Avoid sleeping in on weekends and any other day. It will interfere with your body routine and you might not find it easy to fall asleep next night.

5. Exercise regularly.

Exercise is great for your general health. But it also helps towards having a better sleep. No work out 2-3 hours before bed time though.

5. Avoid light exposure.

Light keeps our mind alert. It wakes our brain. So avoid exposure to light at leat 2 hours prior to bed time. Also avoid watching telly late nights. Some programs instead of relaxing your brain make you feel more active.

When in bed turn off the light and make the room dark. The darker the better.

6. Avoid caffeine at evenings.

Avoid drinks that contain caffeine as coca cola or coffee, after lunch. Caffeine  is a wake-up to your body and can cause sleep problems.

7. Don’t go hungry and don’t eat heavy either.

Find the right balance of eating in evening. Eat enough, but avoid heavy meals. Also avoid food that takes long to digest and spicy food that can cause stomac ache.

8. Check and prepare your environment.

Dark, cool and comfortable. That how your bedroom should be.

9. Clear your head before you go bed.

If you have a stressful job that might fill your days with stress worries and anxiety, make sure you clear your head and keep the stress away from your bedroom. Use relaxation techniques as deep breathing and muscle relaxation to calm your mind.

Manage your emotions and evaluate your thoughts before you go to bed.

10. Keep electronic devices out of bedroom.

When in bed you need to go asleep. No devices needed. None.

11. Bed is for sleep and sex.

Keep it this way, don’t turn it into a office.

Photo credit PIXABAY

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