A Life With Mistakes

Mistakes. How can we human stop making mistakes? Is there really a way of a life without mistakes? If there was we would be perfect human beings, living in a perfect world. I hope you got the answer. Humans and reality is far from perfection and that’s why we will continue to make mistakes….But why we fear so much from mistakes.

Many people would love to start their own business, but fear from failure stops them right to their dream. How can I risk all that money? What if I fail? No. Not taking that step.

History on other hand teaches everyone the lesson of life. So many people risked not money but their lives to reach what they though was life ful of joy. Many others made so many mistakes (don’t we all), but at some point they achieved extraordinary things. Yes they were human, ordinary people.

1. A mistake is only a step down.

Einstein says: If you made no mistakes you never tried anything new. A true phrase.

Whatever age you’re take a moment and think about your past days, weeks, months, and years in your life. I’ll do the same. I can’t count all my mistakes. Sorry, too many. But a mistake is only a step down. Yes down. It does make you feel down too. Bottom end. But then you tell yourself surely that is not the end. You get back on your feet full of passion and energy all based in hope ready to try again. And Again.

2. Every mistake teach us a new lesson.

Intelligent people try to learn from other people’s mistakes. And  they do. That doesn’t mean they don’t fail, they dont make mistakes of their own. Of course  they do. Humans make mistakes. So many mistakes. That what make us human. See? Life is A Try. You always have to try. It’s very likely you might fail. Good thing is there is a lesson learned. From every mistake we learn something new. That’s how we learn and progress.

3.  A mistake is the art of growth.

Failure or errors happens everyday in real life. Fear of them make us more self conscious. Fear of unknown. Then again you know that if you don’t try, you’ll regret it. Action. Mistakes follow. We get through of hard time, knowing it wont last forever. We grow wiser. Next day or next year we will know much more than we did this time last year. Look how mistakes help us grow. Failure is not the end, is just the art of growth.

4. Life without mistakes would be boring.

Think about life without mistakes. It’s just a little dream. You start something and bang on in few months you’re a billionare. Now open your eyes. Your dream is over. In real life that’s never happen, but even if it did would really be boring. Maybe that is why life keeps throwing at us many challenges everyday. We fight to get through and we do. We feel stronger, we smile.

5. Mistakes remind us, we’re just like others.

There is time in your life when you think there is no obstacles that can stop you in what you want to achieve. The time when you feel so high. It’s that energy make us think we can reach the stars. But when reality hits then we acknowledge we are just like all the humans in this planet.

Mistakes, failures, and errors are just part of our everyday life. We learn so much from them. We find our true feelings and our life meanings through mistakes.

Mistakes sometimes come with high costs in our lives. Because of a  mistake you can lose money. Because of a mistake you can lose your partner. Because of a mistake you can lose your life.

We were born with our imperfections. We live to make mistakes. We grow, and we might succeed. One day we’ll still die with our impetfections.

That is the real life. Life with mistakes.


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11 responses to “A Life With Mistakes

  1. I make more than my fair share of mistakes…probably enough for two or three other people. But knowing how to reframe a mistake and not let it cling to us (or hold us back from taking on something in the future) is very important. Good tips. I always try to remind myself: people make mistakes, that’s why pencils have erasers.

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  3. Thank you Seb. This is exactly what I needed to hear right now. I just made a big mistake at work and feel terrible about it. But I forget sometimes that we all make mistakes and that “Failure is not the end, is just the art of growth.” I need to not be so hard on myself.

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  4. My fear is not necessarily in failure but in ability to make money in a business. I am great at free advice, not so great at figuring how to charge for my insights let alone run a business.

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