6 Tips For Living In The Moment

Live in the present. You know what present means. It’s a gift. Mostly is telling us that life is a gift enjoy it. Everyday is a gift, don’t waste it, live it to the full. You never know, it could be your last day.

One said to me: why I wanted to live in the moment? Do you really know what I have to live for? Do you know what this moment means to me? Obviously you don’t. All what I have is misery, stress and depression…….

I took a moment to collect my thoughts….

For too many people life is a struggle. A real struggle. If you are one of them I still would say live in the present. Take a deep breath. Breathe with me. In and out. In and out. Again. And again. And again. You begin to relax. After a break, look in to the options. In the darkest day of your life there is still hope if you’re breathing.

Life unfolds now. Yet we’re busy dwelling on the past. Or trying to see what future hold for us. You might be working, or just enjoying a drink and you caught yourself dreaming about a holiday…..(a holiday that might never going to happen). We miss so many prcecious moments either dreaming for the future or thinking of the past. The thoughts control our minds. To live in the present we need to get out of that state of doing and rest in the stillness, pause and focus in just being.

1. If you want to improve, stop thinking, act doing.

Many times we worry to much about what others will think of us. I like dancing but dont feel comfortable with it. It feels like everyone is watching me. In fact that is wrong. No-one is watching. Everone is busy dancing and enjoying themselves. So instead of to much thinking just do it. Dance. Concentrate in that very moment. Lose yourself. Dont think. Enjoy it. Maybe your dance wont be the best, but who cares. You loved them minutes, and next time you’ll dance even better.

2. Focus in the present, dont worry about the future.

It’s said many times. It still worries us. What if? That is for tomorrow. Let go of the “ifs” focus on the moment. Whatever you doing pay full intentional attention. You have much better results on everything if your mind is fully with your body. Focus in the present is also called mindfulness. Focus on right here right now. Don’t let this moment slip away from you. Live it with by being an observer of your thoughts. Live with your thoughts and don’t let them distract your mind.

3. Living in the moment increase self control.

Being in the moment, studies shown make you less aggressive. Is the mindfulness that decreased the ego involvement.

Mindfulness boost your awarness and increase the gap between emotional state and action. This why living in the present increase the self control.

4. To make the most of time lose yourself in the moment.

If you eating you lunch enjoy it. Stop thinking about other things. Stop all the distractions. Lose yourself in that moment. You will enjoy much more if you fully let yourself into it.

5. Get through the tough time, not away from it.

We all at some point face tough times. Losing a loved one, a break-up relationship, financial problems, too many to count.

Face it. You need to get through it. Put yourself together and step in. Look away to light. Be strong. Be you. Soon will be over. Tomorrow is another day.

Many painful and negative situations can’t be avoided. Just let it be. Take it in. Share your thoughts. Acceptance is best way of getting through a tough time.

6. Engage in the moment, dont let it pass you by.

When you doing something is very likey you be thinking over other stuff. It’s hard to be mindful all the time and takes a lot of effort.

Sit in the moment and live it. Be there fully mind-body. Enjoy every minute. Dont just let it go.

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11 responses to “6 Tips For Living In The Moment

  1. I like this Seb. And I do live every day as if it was my last, but I do it all too fast and frenzied and push myself hard. I do find it hard staying in the moment sometimes, and do waste energy worrying. You know they give horses who have to be in traffic blinkers to help them see what is right ahead so they dont get distracted ?. Well thats what I need to calm my busy mind 🙂 I need some mind blinkers

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    • Well said Karen! We all get distracting thoughts all the time. And it gets hard to focus in the very moment. That’s how we missing at living in the present.
      Thank you for commenting!

      Liked by 1 person

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