How To Reconnect With Your Own Self

I believe everyone of us should consider themselves lucky as we all happen to be in the same planet for same reason: to live our lives. We all are given a life to live. Some people get more choices than others. Some embrace the opportunities in the open air. Some others are much more lucky than the rest. But we all here challenging the struggles in life and trying our best to enjoy and be happier.

Not long ago I received a message from an old friend: I lost myself  years ago, he said, and I don’t know where to start anymore….

Why do so many people feel lost, disappointed, hesitant, doing things like robots, not knowing who they are and where they’re going or did they had any meaning in their lives. Yes life seem to get to much and they crack..But you are still going and that is good.

Question was, why this happen?

I believe when we feel lost we disconnect with our hearts and Souls. It feels you got yourself in a massive forest, and you can never find the way out anymore. Is one of them forests that even in day light is so dark and scary. So what  to do now?

Well,  don’t walk around in vain, sit yourself down, we need to perceive the way you going to walk out of that big forest. Sit and think. What happened? You were so energetic, so passionate so lively….You were….

1. Reconnect with your heart and Soul.

This a big step, but the way to start. It’s likely you feel not loved, alone, ugly,  no purpose at all. Think there are people who love you. Partners,  kids, friends, brothers, sisters, parents. Someone love you. Find them ones who love you and talk to them. Tell them how you’re feeling. Right way they will give you a massive hug. It will take more than a hug to find yourself. But is a start to connect with your heart and your Soul.

2. Connect with love.

Love is most powerful word and does miracles. It gives you wings to get out of that misery. Remember the feelings of love can change people. If you bringing up kids just think how much they love you, how much you mean to them. If you just had a brutal break up in your relationship, take some times out to out. Everything happen for a reason. Keep loving youself. Keep going. Just take it easy. In no time you will see the light.

3. Forgive yourself.

Discover the way back to laughter. If you failed in some encounter, or that might is because you made few mistakes long time ago, just let it go. Don’t let it hold you back. Forgive yourself. You know your strengths. It will come back. It will, just let it go…

4. Find the way back to sex.

If you have a partner, I hope he/she is a creative one. They will take you to some new places. And have some great passionate sex. They say laughter is the best medicine. I would say sex is even better.

5. Take it slowly.

Humans are fragile. They break sometimes. I am not talking about broken bones, but for broken feelings and  hearts. And they take time to heal. So take it slowly. One step at the time. Walk more. Talk more. Rest more. Love more. Help others. Smile and laugh. You are getting there. You will find your own self. Once you do, dont let it go. Not again!

If you feel none of it will help you please seek professional help sooner.

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