5 Ways To Deal With Negative Situations

People are so alike and yet so different with one another. We become friends with people that have many things in common as us. We spend more time with them, because we have more fun with them. But sometimes we meet people in disparate circumstances, and they can be our opposite. We don’t tend to be friends with them, but the reality is we still have to deal with them. Sometimes in daily basis. If you are happy, excited, ful of energy so enthusiastic and you bump in one of them, in half an hour your mood has changed completely. So how to deal with this challenge?

I have to be honest with you I shared some view as many others, but whilst researching today I read an unusual comment. It got me to a deeper thinking. So, their point was who are them negative people? What’s wrong with them? Can you always take same approach to deal with them? Last question maybe is most important one.

Experts say if you are positive person, happy in life you should stay away from negative people. But that is not always the case. How can you stay away if this negative people is your friend, coworker, or even someone close into your family. The truth is you can’t.

1. Take full control of yourself.

When you don’t like something you try to change it. If you can’t change it maybe you can change the way you think about it. It’s true when you hear so much complaints, criticism, whining, you absorb so much negative energy. And all what you think is how can I get away from them, they are draining me…..

  • Don’t think as negative people, think as negative situations… And how can you improve them situations.
  • How your positive energy can overcome their negative energy.
  • Think how can you heal this situation and how can you heal them people, instead of wanting to go away.

2. Bear in mind: The law of attraction.

Before you start I am not blaming you but we know the like attracts like. Keep being positive, keep having control of your mind. At the end of the day if we do something that brighten someones else face you will feel happier.

3. Don’t believe all your thoughts.

The people that surround us have an affect on us. It’s true. But this only happen how much we allow it Β to happen. Also check your thoughts. Really are they that bad? Or your thoughts are creating trouble. Seek their good side. Don’t take your thoughts to seriously. Not all your thoughts are true.

4. Remember my problem is not your problem.

Yes, we have to deal with many different people, in daily basis. Some of them may have so much going on, but you really do not need to stress about it. Don’t make other people’s problems yours. If you’re one of them that like helping, keep doing it, but don’t allow stress in your life because of it.

5. Grow your positive energy.

If you’re a cheerful person, love life and whatever you do, keep being positive. Everyday try to rise your positive energy. Always, always grow it bigger than the negative energy that is around you. This is so important because can create a positive environment instead of a negative one. Also by spreading your positive energy is like you spread ray of sunshine on them people’s lives. Show to them that your the change they really need in their world. Show to them that if they can’t change a situation maybe they can change the way they think about this situation.

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12 responses to “5 Ways To Deal With Negative Situations

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  3. You make some really good points in this post. I like the idea of growing your own positive energy. You are right it isn’t always possible to avoid negative people so we need to find ways to be with negativity and not let it affect us too much.

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