Decision Making Strategies

We make many decisions everyday. Some of them are easy and we take them without giving a thought. Yet some decisions are complex and require time, thoughtful consideration, tools and techniques to make. If you were in business decision making is crucial, right decision can lead to success whilst the wrong one can cause the failure. Also decision making can depend from people, some people are natural-born decision makers, while some others aren’t.

Whereas there are a large number of  different strategies on decision making many of them seem to rotate around the same basic keys that are based on facing the problem identifying the decision and looking at the options.

Decision making process.

1 – Recognize the decision need to be made.

Once you identify there is a decision to be made you go through a process trying to clarify and name the nature of decision that must be made. Like is it urgent matter? Is it important? Or both?

2 – Collect the related information.

Gathering the applicable information is the second step on the process of decision making. Some information is to be found within self assessment while some other information is to be searched from internet, books or other places.

3 – Spot the options.

Through collecting information process you will go thtough and identify different alternatives and options which will define the way of action to be taken. Then you will take note of the possible and advantageous choices.

4 – Weigh facts.

This is the step when you take each option on consideration and weigh the outcome. Facts gathered will help you choose the best alternative.

5 – Pick the best choice.

After you seen the ends of each option and weighed  all the evidence then you pick the best alternative among all.

6 – Time for action.

It’s time to implement the alternative chosen. You take some positive steps of action.

7 – Review the decision and its consequences.

This is the last step you take to evaluate your decision and its results. Has it solve the probem you faced or not. If not then may you have to consider a new decision need to be taken.

Decision making strategies.

1 – Acknowledge the decision difficulties.

Make a list of what makes that decision difficult. Once you list the problems will notice the soultions.

2 – Consider support.

If you think that is a hard decision to make, concider support. List where you can get support from: friends, family, experts.

3 – Consider all the issues.

Think if there may be an extra issue that make the decision a tough one.

4 – Use decision matrix.

When you searching for options consider talking to others involved as there might be a better a choice you happen to miss.

5 – Take time to understand your goals.

Taking a decision will be based on having clear view on your goals. Once you have a better understanding of what you want to achieve then the alternative that you need to choose become obvious.

6 – Bear in mind all the concequences.

Before taking a decision you must have a clear view of all the consequences that will follow with    decision.

Many times you might need professional help to make wiser decisions.

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  1. I like your blog! I know your some posts are lengthy and simple yet very important things to follow in life! You are so much experienced that’s we can get so much of things from you. Thank you so much! 🙂


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