20Things To Appreciate Everyday In Your Life

It’s raining today, but I love sunshine. I have a car that take kids to school everyday and help me get things done, but it’s not a sports car I love.

At all the time most of us seem to talk about the things we don’t have, forgetting and taking for granted what we do have.

There so many things you have in life, so many great moments, so much laughter, going unnoticed.

Things to appreciate everyday:

1. Good health.

Say “thank you” every morning when you wake up full of energy to go and do whatever you have to. Even if it’s rain is stiil a good day.That is because you are healthy and well. But not everyone is, so be grateful.

2. Your parents.

They may not be the best people in the world, but don’t forget they brought you in this world. They were there to help you when you fall, they  were always there trying to make you laugh. Do appreciate them.

3. Your kids.

If you have kids, think you’re so  lucky, they are your Treasures. Remember some people can’t have children.They make your life worthwhile.

4. Good food.

We seem to forget how many people go hungry all around the world every single day. One in eight, be thankful your not one of them.

5. Your cozy home.

It’s lovely when after a long day at work  you got that warm place to turn up to. Welcome home. Say it’s beautiful instead of saying ” it’s small”.

6. Clean drinking water.

Without it life is impossible. We have it, lots of it.

7. Your job.

If you have a job that gives you a good living appreciate it. Food on table, bills paid, nice clothes. Yeah say “thank you”.

8. Your partner.

Love is the best feeling in the world. It makes us so happy. So if you have a partner you love be grateful.

9. Your friends.

They are there for you when you need a shoulder to cry, or when your heart broken. They are there for you when you happy and when you sad…Thank you.

10. Fresh air.

Only fresh air is free. Then breathe, breathe and breathe. We can’t live without it, and yes it’s free.

11. Peace.

If you live in a country, thats  not war-torn be so grateful. Many people lose their lives everday needlessly because of the wars.

12. Freedom of speech

Again if you live in them countries when you can say what you think without fear of prosecution, be thankful.

13. Sunshine.

Selfless sun comes out everyday to spread some ray and make you warm. When prices of energy go up and when it’s raining, he is still out there trying to make this cold world warmer.

14. Internet.

The world become smaller, communication reached the speed of light. It changed the way of living forever. Great!

15. Your car.

It makes your life much easier.

16. Your mobile phone.

You seem to have heart attack if you forget it home. It’s a great piece in your life. Never been more easy to reach your family and friends.

17. Laughter.

There is so many moments filled with laughter in your life. Don’t forget your happy and lucky.

18. Time.

You seem to complain you don’t have enogh, but everyone gets the same. Time is precious. Be grateful.

19. Everyday little moments.

It might be a little surprise, might be a smile from some stranger, might be that you buy a coffee for somebody. Be so thankful for them little pleasures.

20. Challenges.

They make you stronger, they make you believe in yourself. Challenges  make life interesting and more creative. A challenge is the way to being happy.

Surely there are a lot more things to appreciate in everday life. Feel free to add to my list. I wont forget to say: THANK YOU.

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16 responses to “20Things To Appreciate Everyday In Your Life

  1. I liked your 20th point the most.. challenges..I believe in challenges as they could make us active..
    Definitely all your 20 points are really good..


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  4. This is great Seb. It comes back to Attitude Gratitude, like in my post. There really is so much every day for us to appreciate. Like you say, it’s important to focus on what we have rather than what we don’t have. Thanks


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