5 Ways To Live A Meaningful Life

Live for the moment, past is the past, you never know what the future brings. You hear them catch phrases quite often. Going through everyday routine it’s not in vain and you seem happy. It might is because you have found the purpose and meaning in your life. What you doing matters to you a great deal, that is what keeps you getting out of the bed early in the morning and following that routine. Living a life without purpose or meaning is like sleepwalking through your life.  It doesn’t have to be complicated or complex. Just the feeling that what you doing have genuine purpose and meaning matters to you, it make a huge difference in your life.

I am outlining  some ways to help you find the purpose in life.

1 – Discover yourself.

Humans can be complex and so different. What matters here is to open your mind and heart and acknowledge yourself inside out. What are your likes and dislikes. What would  do you love to do in life. Yes I know you want to be happy. But building happiness starts from here. Would you like to be a pilot or a scientist? Do you want to pursue the education and give yourself sometime to figure out what you want? Acknowledge yourself and work it out.

2 – Discover your passions

Some people love music, some people love to climb mountains, some others love football. There is a million things that can turn in to your passion. And your passion is your dream. That what you want to do. That what makes you happy. Passion push you towards finding your purpose in life. It makes life exciting and fulfilling.

3 – What  is important to you?

Not everyone find the purpuse in life to come from high dreams or high goals. Sometimes people find the purpose in life by doing what is very important to them. People as young as 17, had had to become a carer for their mum or dad.The feeling that they are doing something which really matters to them make their purpose in life. They might not become doctors or celebrities but they still have a meaningful life. This also high lights a great value of them people finding their purpose by making other people happy, by changing other people’s lives.

4 – Appreciate people more than possessions.

Many people are  more attracted to things and tend to follow the ways to own them things and have a happy life. Let just say you love to have a red sports car. You work hard you save and you buy one. Nothing wrong with that. But how happy that makes you. Very? Great. I don’t seem to think so. I mean yes I love a fast sports car too, but it don’t complete me. It don’t make my life meaningful. People make you more happy than possessions. I mean whilst you pursue a dream in your life you meet someone. You fall in love. And you create your own world. See you find love and that feeling make you much more happy than your car. By appreciating people you dicover your purpose in life.

5 – Give more, take less.

What makes you happy don’t do it for me or vice versa. I am aware you need to make money to make a living. And we all have to find a way to that. But making money for the sake of it I believe is no ones purpose in life. It’s amazing when you meet people who change other people lifes everyday. They are amazing people. That what their mission is. Give to other people. Make them smile. They take very little in return, but on other hand they are so happy having a great impact on other people’s lives. They don’t need millions, they have found their purpose on their life and that is what makes them great.

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