6 Benefits Of Meditation

Meditation has been practised in some countries for thousand of years and it’s handed down generation after generation. It’s great benefits are now proven scientifically.

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But what is meditation?

Meditation is contemplation, mindful thinking,reflection, relaxing and the concentration in that very moment. Meditation is the art of finding that inner peace by using simple methods of calming and stabilising your mind.

Meditation has been turned into a multi-million pound business these days and everyone use different forms and techniques of meditation. I am only going to mention mantra meditation. Mantra meditation is known to come from Hinduism and Buddhism and is highly effective in terms of wellbeing and happiness.

According to mantra experts, to meditate you sit comfortably and shut your eyes.Then you start repeating a word or short phrase called mantra. Your mantra could be one of words: love, peace, calm or gentle. You keep repeating it and your muscles will start relaxing. It could start with 5 minutes a day but you get best results by meditating for 20 minutes a day. It diminishes stress and increase your happiness.

What are the benefits of Meditation?

1. Increase your intelligence.

Scientific studies reveal that practising regular meditation, increase your intellectual abilities. The results have been proven in different types of people from students by “getting smarter” and performing better graduation rates to business people increasing their leadership skills and getting better on decision-making. Meditation leads to brain integration it turns the basis of sets of mental alerts which helps with creativity and  problem solving.

2. Improve your general health.

Meditation is the art of silencing your mind. Researches show it reduces your stress levels. By doing so it clear the chemicals in your body. Therefore you have a stronger immune system. Also meditation benefits are proven from numerous studies in general health. It’s related to lowered blood pressure, improve the sleep, and even to live longer and healthier.

3. Improve your concentration.

Meditation clear your head. It make you concentrate in the moment. It clearly improves your concentration levels. You start listening to people. You pay a genuine attention to the loved ones.

4. Train your brain.

Studies has proven meditation changes your brain, restructure it, train it to be more focused more calmed and better at dealing with stress.

5. Self acceptance.

Practising regular meditation help you get your own self back. It make you develop a better understanding of yourself. It brings back your self-confidence. It makes you accept yourself for who you are. It’s just a self connection. You have a better control in your thoughts.

6. Improve your relationships.

The benefits of meditation are all linked to one another. By reducing your stress levels you feel happier.  You show more creativity. You start improving the quality of your life. You appreciate people you love. That means more time with them, and improved relationships.

According to “Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization”: there are countless things we can say about remarkable power of mantra. Chanting mantras can take us from low spirit to high, they can simply be a way to experience joy and bliss by letting the voice flow freely”.

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23 responses to “6 Benefits Of Meditation

  1. I tried to practice meditation but I couldn’t. Yet a really true post. It is worth doing meditation. We can also try being alone and spend time with yourself and analyzing things while writing or talking to yourself. I will try once again to meditate as you directed. Thank you. 🙂

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  2. Thank you for sharing! I think somewhere deep down inside me, I’ve been looking for a post like this that talks about finding one’s inner peace – thank you.
    I’m glad that I found your comment in the Community Pool. 🙂

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