5 Steps To Use Positive Psychology To Improve Your Business

Business leaders and their managers seem to be unwilling and hesitant to make use of positive psychology at this tough economic times. Is understandable when people are losing their jobs, when companies are struggling for survival is hard to talk about happiness.  However on other hand experts say acknowledging the effects of positive psychology is what you need to make the work place more attractive and suitable for employees.

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According to Ray Williams from Psychology Today a study found more workers are suffering from high stress levels now than in 2009.

  • 68% of employees say they are highly stressed.
  • 27% have constant but manageable stress.
  • 5% have low stress.

Based on the same source of information the causes of stress 35% blame the workload, 33% say personal issues and 20%  is stressed because of job insecurity.

What can be done to change them figures. It’s still boils down to benefits of positive psychology. Here are 5 steps to make use of positive psychology and improve the environment for your employees.

1. Practise gratitude and thankfulness.

Make people feel good and appreciated. Start your meetings with a success story. Tell your managers and team leaders to always thank people. It does make a big difference. If someone is feeling valued will do better than someone is feeling stressed. Being happy means the team will be more productive. You can do this by just educating the managers. People know how important the business is for you but a smile shows your human and is nothing wrong with that. It don’t take much to be grateful. It make your employees happy, it also bring better results in your business. And is exactly what you as a business leader want.

2. Little exercise make things better.

Exercise make you less stressed. Give every worker a chance for little exercise. Let them chose what exercise they want. For some people meditation works better than gym. It will help your business at bottom line.

3. Creativity.

If you willing to talk to your people creativity plays a great role too. Just remember your employees are best asset for your business. Ask them if any of them have a good idea. They will feel motivated and engaged. Also they get that good feeling of being valued. Put their creativity to use and don’t think you are wasting your time.

4. Use mentoring.

In the past an employee was expected to spend all his career at one  company. Now things has changed drastically. There are many opportunities for everyone, you only got to discover them. This is why the use of positive psychology come handy to employers. Improving the work place, making your employees satisfied really matters in your business. By using mentoring with workers they feel you are investing on their development. It help them being more productive and more likely wanting to stay in your company.

5. Encourage use of natural strength.

This is another point of positive psychology research. It’s based on making people understand what is their natural strength and how can they use to a better performance. Using their natural strength means they are so engaged and self motivated on what they doing. It brings out the real people, it increase the positive results in your business.

But how can you help them find this natural strength in first place. Talk to them. Ask them some simple questions. What you are good at? What you happily can do? What you happily don’t want do?  It brings out the best in them in a happy way.

Also another result of positive energy is building great relationships. There is 2 scenarios. How you react with them when they face bad news and how you react with them when they face good news.

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11 responses to “5 Steps To Use Positive Psychology To Improve Your Business

  1. Totally agree with you.. In fact nowadays companies are forgetting that great fact. Even while struggling for survival, they rarely understands the true cause. In addition, I have experienced like, when people are self driven, they are much happy.

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