10 Ways To Impress Your Boss

You work hard because you love your job. It gives you the lifestyle you always wanted. You also could be thinking your good enough to climb the corporate ladder. But you need to go carefully and thoughtfully about it. At the end of the day is not what you think, is what the management thinks. You need to impress your boss, so when the promotion time comes around they can say: he/she is the one.

But how can you impress your boss?

  • Be the best at your job.

Do your job right. Use your skills and abilities to reach your company’s goals.  As you know every employer loves to cut down the costs of the company, so if you are in that position try to find a  way to do that. Search for new ideas and if you got some good ones, let your boss know. Be confident and explain to them how it works.

  • Improve yourself.

Observe your boss closely. You know his/her weakness and strength. Try to improve your skills were they are weak. So it will be great help for them. But dont show superiority.

  • Be modest.

You want to be confident but not a pig head. Being modest still can impress. Work overtime if you have to finish a project. It wont go unnoticed.

  • Show your strong minded.

Make sure your opinion matters to your boss. Your opinion should be  strong and based on good information so you research before hand.

  • Represent a top performance.

You must be a top class at your duties and tasks. Always consider the tasks that are not in the job description. But you can see they help and need to be done. Take on the jobs that you can handle well. Show initiative in formal projects, take them on, show your boss how versatile and eager you are to contribute in your company’s success.

  • Mention your inabilities

If you were given a job that requires tougher skills and it’s out of your field speak up and let the boss know. It’s much better than taking it on and wasting your time, and not doing it right. On other hand be very honest if you make mistakes. Accept them, and never try to hide them or put the blame on other people.

  • Always research your industry.

The competition is tough so keeping up with the rest of  industry is a important part of your company’s survival. Keep researching and whatever you get ideas that could help the company pass it on to your boss.

  • Be ready.

Be always prepare for next day tasks at work. Know your projects. Keep your office tidy. Remember where everything and every file is. If you have a meeting attend and show interests.

  • Dont turn down assignments.

You might working to accoplish your previous project. Knowing the deadline you are overloaded. Then the boss hand you new assignment. Accept it. But if there is deadline for that too ask your boss which is more important and rearrange the your schedule.

  • Create a positive relationship with your boss.

It starts from day one. Dress appropriately. Work over time if you have to. Come early at work. Interact with your boss. Ask questions about projects of the company. Give credit to others. Help them when you can. Dont gossip. Pay attention to details. Stay positive and mantain a positive relationship with everyone aruond you.

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