Business And Emotional Intelligence

It’s often known as EQ (emotional intelligence), it defines ones ability to identify, evaluate, control and express their emotions. Usually people with high EQ make great leaders because of their ability to understand empathize and connect to people around them.


Softer skills were historically considered to be irrelevant at work place. If you were a manager or a team leader and show your emotional side you were seeing as unprofessional. But times changed now. EQ has been recognized as s great leadership skill rule the behaviour and influencing our relationship with others like co-workers, customers, employees, as well as our performance and outcome.

Let’s take an example. You were a manager of a company with several teams. One day you notice one your best teams wasn’t performing well for few days and the results gone down. You call the leader and concerned you ask if he is okay. He opens up and tells you  his relationship of ten years just broke down. You ask them if there is anything you can do, to ease the pain, if he/she wants sometime off. You try to help them get through the hard time because you know if someone is affected emotionally they can’t give 100% at work. You also show empathy as you know we are all human. It create a great connection between the manager and the team leader.

It’s proved that the  emotional intelligence can be developed.

  • Connect with your EQ.

This is first step of developing your emotional intelligence. Know yourself, your strengths and your weaknesses be self aware. That can be achieved by asking always for feedback of your co-workers, managers. Knowing how you come across to other people can show how you need to develop your behaviour and improve your EQ. Being self-aware means understanding our flaws and knowing how to improve. Don’t take it as self critic but as chance to improve.

Always show empathy to others, by putting yourself on their situation. Remember if in the past showing emotions was as showing your weakness now you need to understand people’s feelings and still be a professional individual by helping them to manage their feelings.

  • How to increase the quality of your EQ?

How can you further improve the quality of your emotional intelligence? Establish your weakness and your strength. By asking for fed back or even by just perceiving other people reaction to your behaviour. Think, was there a better way of doing things.

Hire a coach as them will offer their honest feedback, and challenge yourself and your behaviour.

Act to when you have negative emotions. Why you feel frustrated? Why you feel angry? If you explain something to people many times and they still dont understand  what you mean, think. And think again. Dont expect different results by doing some thing.

Be there for people and try to understand how they feel. You might sometimes have experienced the same feeling as them for different reasons.

Keep a close eye on people you lead. Notice their emotional state and address their problems in the right way.

Observe yourself, accept your mistakes, learn and improve. Build deep connections with people. Take time to thank them for their hard work. Appreciate  and reward your team. Acknowledge each of them as a part of success.

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4 responses to “Business And Emotional Intelligence

  1. It is a coincidence that you posted this today as I went to a meeting earlier to show someone something I had spent a long time on and was really pleased with. They were really harsh on me, ungrateful for my time and didn’t even look at it apart from a few cruel comments, and said I had misinterpreted what they wanted (even though the instructions I was given were very short and ambiguous). I was really upset when I came home and it is hard now for me to re-do the work giving it my all. If they had been grateful for the time and what I had done, even if they couldn’t use it, I would be able to laugh it off and move on and get to work. Now the original thing I did will have a black cloud over it if I use it for anything in the future. I will always try to be empathetic as you say is this great post in the future, to avoid upsetting others like myself today. Thank you so much for spreading awareness.


  2. I understand what you mean. It’s so unfair and wrong. But unfortunatelly there are many people like them. I just hope somebody will teach them a lesson sometimes.
    Thank you for the comment!


  3. Amazing! We had this topic under leadership in Organizational Behavior. I am not in a job right now but I have a team which I lead. we basically are working on developing a Business Plan. But sometimes during those discussions with the team I turn out to be aggressive and dominating. I have tried and controlled it to an extent. Any tip so that I can reduce this aggressive behavior? I thank my team that they really understand me better.

    Additional info.:And it just happens during those discussions. i feel like i become overly passionate and swayed away by too much of emotions.

    Liked by 1 person

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