10 Tips To Succeed With A Business Online

The competition is everywhere. But you still determined to start up your own business, It’s tempting starting online because of less costs. Yes you still can make it work, you still can turn it to a success. Bear in your mind the menu is not as simple as: work hard, be passionate and give it 200 per cent. In fact there is more to it to turn the odds on your favor and succeed.


So what do need to know to make it a success?

1 – Find the way to attract the customers to your website.

You might have a strong product to sell, but how can you attract customers to your website. Use all the marketing tools such as social media like facebook, twiter, etc advertising. Build positive relationships with customers online. Get in to details to what and why your product is worth buying. Be honest and clear with people.

2 – Make a good description of your product.

The copy you write will sell the product . Use a not intrusive and pushy tone. It should be a similar tone that we use with customers in our brick or mortar stores. Be helpful.

3 – Your advice to others that are starting a retail online store.

Your product is your passion. Test it. Make sure you would love to buy it yourself. Find out how other people feel about it?

Be creative and stay creative. Always look for inspiration.

Don’t copy what other  people do. Remember what you doing sets you apart from the rest.

4 – Keep up to date with technology.

These days people find it easier to buy from mobile phones. You might just having a break at work. From your mobile in a space of 5 minutes you can manage to buy the item you want. So make sure your website is mobile friendly.

5 – Use the SEO.

Stand out from the crowd. Use the search engine optimisaton. It’s important that you create meaningful and useful content.

6 – Build a specific platform.

Build a platform that is specific to your audience. Make sure you use the right CMS (content management system) and design so it easy to use  the customer shopping experience.

7 – Use the right software.

A online retail store needs add-on applications that are integrated  with our accounting software, these have to be cloud based. It make it easy for us to communicate with our customers, send updates etc. It also make it easy for customers to view items too.

It also helps you collect the data and use it to keep in touch with customers and to share the experience and improve.

8 – Apply the golden rule.

From the point the items are in cart and ready to purchase the customer must not make more than four clicks. To make it easy there should be 3 steps or maximum 4 otherwise the customer might leave.

9 – Keep the customer happy.

A happy customer will come back to buy more. Sometimes they will suggest your site to friends and family. Keep them happy by giving them a great customer service.

10 – Think global.

Do it right and it wont be just a dream. So think big. Grow your success. Go global.

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