7 Qualities Of Smart People

What is the definition of smart for you? Someone intelligent who has really showing that in the real life, by creating an empire. Or is it someone who keep telling other people they been learning a lot but the opportunity has not turned up as yet. That’s one of the differences with real smart people with not very smart ones. The smart people do not wait for the opportunities to turn up they create the opportunities for themself.


1 – They are great learners.

They don’t just study hard. They don’t just learn from books. They learn from everything. They are the creative minds and come out with creative ideas. Not only that. They do not try to be smart. They work on their ideas until they make history. They make what they believe to be their dream, turning it to a massive project which will change not just their lives, but many other people’s lives too.

2 – They not always take what they are given.

Normal people tend to obey by rules They don’t ask questions they just take what they are given. Smart people on other hand don’t accept the status quo. They see if that’s the status quo  that need some change or there are gaps that need to be filled.

3 – Great  decision makers

Numerous smart people have achieved their goals, in the way others never can. What makes them different is they are top decision makers. They have their doubts too, they have that inner voice in the back of their head telling them they are making a mistake. But the choose to ignore that voice and do what their heart tells them. And they are not afraid to make mistakes. That’s why they become great on decision making.

4 – They develop themselves

Smart people are innovative and yet always progressing. Knowing that the truth is not always what they expect they strive to find the truth. They learn from other people’s mistakes. They grow not just their ideas and their business, they grow themself too. They don’t lose the opportunity to broaden their minds with new experiences.


5 –  Smart people don’t give up on their ideas just because some don’t agree with them.

They know their mind. They know their ideas. It doesn’t mean they don’t speak to people. But they choose who to speak to. They will fail but they wont give up. They will start over stronger detemined to their success.

6 – They never waste time.

Time is more valuable than money. That is smart thinking. Smart people don’t waste time, nor they allow distractions mental unrest to waste their time in trying to figure something out. They know the journey to accomplish their goal will need their precious time and they value that. They always ignore the imposters of “truth”, and focus on using their abilities to be productive for their well being.

7 – They don’t lose the sense of humour

The smart people know their actions and accept their responsibilities. They know they have to work hard and many times very long hours. But most of them don’t lose the sense of humour.They still manage to find the fun on things and laugh. They keep smiling along their journey.

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10 responses to “7 Qualities Of Smart People

  1. Such a well-written and thought-provoking post! I especially love what you said in number one about being creative and working to change others’ lives. I agree and it’s such a good quality to have!

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