10 Tips To A Successful Job Interview

As you keep seeking for jobs you get the phone call you been longing for. You been selected for an job interview. That is good. But you need to know there might be many other people selected for that interview, so you need to get yourself together, organize yourself and think what you need to be successful in the interview and get the job.


Here the top 10 tips will help you to be successful in your job interview

1 – Get ready and prepared.

Create a interview check list. If you fail to organise, you organise to fail.

  • get your clothing right and ready.
  • read and analyse the job advert.
  • research and find out facts and figures about the company.
  • prepare some question you want to ask in the end of interview.
  • know your route where the interview will take place.

2 – Dress smart and appropriately.

Dress to impress, dress for success. Suit for men look good. Polished shoes. Keep it smart.

3 – Make it on time.

Just think if you went 5 minutes later. Very wrong. Not a good start. The excuse you got doesn’t matter. So give yourself plenty time for the journey. It’s much better if you went at least 10 minutes earlier.

Things you need to do before set off for your interview: check your route again. Prepare your clothing, do a trial of interview, remember your questions you going to ask.

4 – Turn off your mobile phone.

Remember your interview starts soon as you step in to the reception. So first thing to do turn your mobile phone off. As you walk towards reception avoid chewing gum. Smile and be polite.

5 – First impression.

Remember you are there trying to sell yourself. Sit upright and wait for interviewers first question. Usually a interviewer will start by: take me through your CV or tell me something about yourself. Do not start with facts. They already have your CV. Talk about your life story. They would be interested to know you as human not just a professional.

6 – Be enthusiast and positive.

As you answer the questions be enthusiast and show energy . If you making a point lean forward and be confident. Watch your body language. Avoid playing with your hair or keeping your hands in your face, playing with a pen.

7 – Why they should pick you?

You need to show the interviewer that you got what it takes for that position, your abilities and skills. Do not criticise you former employer. As you speak make plenty eye contact. Be honest. Get into detail as you describe some of your past goals. Highlight your strengths, speak as natural-born communicator. Make some strong points about yourself.

8 – Listen.

Listen carefully when the interviewer speak. Let him/her finish. Always take few seconds before you answer.

9 – Ask questions.

When interview is coming to an end don’t forget is important to ask questions. They will be based on your research you did earlier about the company. This will show you have an enquiring mind and you are genuinely interested in the job.

Don’t forget also to ask how they will let you know if were successful.

In the end thank the interviewer for their time and shake hand with a smile.

10 – Follow up

Email your interviewer with some of your best abilities and skills.Tell them your so excited about the position. It’s your last chance to convince them your the  one they need. Don’t neglect it.

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