5 Ways To Overcome Failure

Sometimes you just wonder, how many very successful people, reached that place where they are today. They become your heroes and your inspiration. You have some big ideas  and so much passion you  just want to get out there an turn these big ideas in to a big success. But things don’t follow your passion. You fail. Maybe you thought about failure but when it hits you it feels different it feels like it’s crashing your soul.

So how to deal with failure?

The define of failure is the lack of success. But the last definition of failure really depends on you


1. Take in all your feelings

But at the end failure hurts. If you failed you may be overcome with self  recrimination, disappointment, and despair. Keeping hold of them painful feelings can have negative effects in your health, your relationships and your future success.

Take in and notice each emotion as it comes to you. May be write it down by naming it. Be it anger, shame, fear or sadness.

Take time to process your feelings. Don’t try to move past disappointment. Suppressing painful feelings can lead to health issues like depression, sleep problems or even heart disease.

2. Accept the failure

The failure will come to you as a shock even if you thought about it before. It only wears off after you come to terms what’s happened. Don’t just put the blame on your self, nor do you blame any one else. Don’t pretend it never happened or it didn’t matter. Just reflect slowly on everything that happened and what consequences were. If it helps try by writing the facts in a piece of paper. Just state facts without blame, judgement, or justification. If doing this doesn’t help you might consider talking to some one your close to like a family member or a good friend or even a councellor. It will help move past denial.


3. Think positive

In all what happened try to find something positive. At the end you know what went wrong. It was an error or a mistake that resulted in your failure. An entrepreneur describes the failure: “I fail in regular basis, but that,s why I also succeed. I appreciate and I take value from each failure and I look for the lesson in each of them as oppose to seeing them as negative process”.

So you failed but you accept it and you also know that’s not the end of the world. That was only your first attempt. Humor is a good ingredient to overcome failure.

4. Address your failure

So it is important to find the cause of failure. Was it because you took wrong action. Or you just set the unrealistic goals. Well, talk to your team. What they think. What you also need to remember is the failure is not your identity. Many  other successful people have failed before you and maybe that’s why they are where they are today. So change the definition of failure. Failure is good, failure is integral part of success. You learned a big lesson. Maybe you learnt that way it wont work.

5. Try again with a new approach

Select your best idea. Ask yourself if you have the resources to put your new project in to place. Avoid repeating the same mistake. Your new approach wont include any strategies that caused the failure in your last approach. Also come up with a plan B. Now you have a new goal and a solid plan to achieve this goal. Take time to reflect on progress as first step take effect. Learn as you go. Don’t be afraid of failing again as you move towards your success.

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