6 Tips To Build A Beautiful Life

I stood in front of that calm sea watching right at the end of horizon where skies  seem to meet up with blue waters. I lost myself in the view of  sunset. It was amazing. I felt part of it. I wanted to store this moment deep in my memory. I thought that’s how life should be. Just like dreams..


Holidays left behind are soon forgotten, but that moment stuck with me. I asked myself, how can anyone build a beautiful life, a bit, just a bit, like these wonderful fragments.

Find below some ways that can help you have a realistic view about building a glorious life.

1. Live within your means.

Addictions and temptations are the glamour of twenty first century. If you have earned money is hard to keep hold of it. There are a million silent invitations if you just wander around in a shopping mall.

Unforunatelly the reality is not all bright. It’s tough to find a job. If you have one, that you might not like it very much, still keep hold of it. Work hard and live within your means. Try to save your pennies. And as tempted as you may be don’t throw away money to fulfill your immediate grattifications. Rather enjoy these little and simple pleasures that life give us generously.

2. Invest.

Saving for the future days is always good idea as you never know what is around the corner for us. But to build a indepedent a brighter future we must find way to invest our money. Investing is the path to happier life.

3. Develop yourself.

Intelligence and knowledge go hand to hand. To build the life of your dreams you must have a deep desire to know more, to learn more, to grow more with each day.

Education is work in progress and never ends. It does serve us through life. The more you knew the better and wiser you become.

4. Build lasting relationships.

At the end of a bad day or a happy day we turn to people we love. We share the laughter. In tough times we turn there for support. Our personal relationships with our families and friends are the greatest source of happiness and inspiration.

Invest time and energy and cultivate close personal relationships. They always be there for you. They are a big part of you.

5. Follow on your passions.

Today I met an old friend. I kew he was doing a job that he hated. Soon as I saw him I could spot a smile on his face. Good news, he said. Finally I am doing what I love to do. It’s not about money, he said. It’s about every morning, I love waking up and looking forward to enjoing a new day.

When your work is your passion that makes all the difference in the world. You add value to yourselves, your talents are shared, and you add value to community too.

Life is not perfect. It never will be. But always work towards a goal that is your passion. Build up a little step at the time.

6. To build wealth you need your health.

Well, be wise. You can make money but money can’t make you. So look after yourself. Work and rest. Work and enjoy. Eat healthy. Sleep. Exercise and keep in shape. Keep healthy.

Then one day when you build your dream you can enjoy it.

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10 responses to “6 Tips To Build A Beautiful Life

  1. Health is precious: one does not think of it until it breaks. Life within one’s means is essential as is education. I tend to forget to follow what I like for what I must do and yet II feel better when I write or read…
    And talking of reading, thank you for your continual support of my blogs. You are a great comfort 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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