How To Improve Emotional Communication

If it happens to see a person in tears it’s not hard to read them accurately: that person is upset. There is clear cue, the tears.

In everyday life learning to better comunicate your emotions is not that straight forward. It’s like reading  people’s body language then knowing how to respond.


Your friends tell you that you are really funny person. You always manage to make them have a great laugh. But there is a limit line, you need to know when to stop.

Or maybe you trying to tell your boss that time has come for a rise in your wage, but how do you know when the right time is to have that conversation.

Being able to read your emotions and other peoples too is a social skill but doesn’t necessary mean you can succeed in your communication. What it does mean is that your interactions are more easy with these people. Also experts suggest that, people with high emotional intelligence are more likely to control their emotions.

How can we learn to improve emotional communication?

1. Recognizing emotion.

This is the first skill that involves the ability to read and be aware of an emotion. Is it your emotion or is it someone’s else emotion.

You enter the office and greet your colleagues. But there is a deep silence. No one is speaking. Is one having a bad day and that mood has passed to everybody in the office? You need to read and perceive that emotion. But being aware of one’s feelings doesn’t mean you have live with it. If your emotional ability is high you know how to resist and not get affected by others moods.

2. Simplifying emotion.

People respond differently to a specific emotion. For example, if you go into a store just to browse but then you notice the shop assistant is being aggresive and trying to sell you something. One might get angry with this sort of behaviour and tells the assistant that is not acceptable. Another one maybe would just send some signals to the sales person that he understands, he is really being annoying.

All depends from the ability of an individual to simplify the emotion.

3. Mastering emotion.

Emotions evolve and change all the time. So this is not only the ability to read an emotion but the ability to forcast how this emotion will be in the future. Tough one, I know. Even for your emotions you can’t always predict how they will be in the future. You can but the outcome might be not what you predicted in the end. It’s like trying to forecast the weather in a country you don’t know very much about.

Again people with high emotional ability are able to master their emotions and make better decisions for their future.

4. Controlling emotion.

Otherwise said this means self-regulation of your emotional state. Being able to keep your emotion under control will give you the outcome you desire of a situation. Handling in appropriate way frustration will make us to respond diffrently to a scene.

Over all reading accurately emotions, being able to share emotions in the way that is acceptable and managing your emotions will improve emotional communication.

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