7 Body Language Tricks To Make You Likeable

Body language talks before than you start talking. It says alot just by the way you look, move or react.

But what body language tricks make you likeable instantly in other people’s eyes?

Meeting new people can be hard for some of us while some others are so natural on representing themselves and using their body language to make these people like them maybe without saying a word.

So what’s the secrets of these techniques?

It starts by taking care of your hygiene, dress to impress, and a touch of a nice scent perfume.

1. Have a genuine nice smile.

When the person you meeting approaches you wear a genuine smile. But be careful. Don’t flash your smile, as it makes you look like an idiot. A natural genuine smile is a great welcome to the other person. It’s makes these people feel on ease being there with you. It also shows you care. This is first trick that make others like you instantly.

2. A warm hand shake.

Especially if meeting is for business purpose. This is important. It also a protocol procedure and a friendly attitude towards the person you meeting. It sometimes even is accompanied by a  little touch in the shoulder. Just a little tap. It’s a close friendly gesture, and it helps break down the barriers of communication. Showing affection and genuine care make you likeable in other persons view.

3. Maintain an up-right posture.

The way you stand or sit matters when meeting with someone for first time.

Make sure you keep your body straight but don’t be fixated. It’s also important you eleminate unnecessary moves. Best let yourself loose. You need to focus on other person but also keep relaxed and preserve your confidence.

4. Give them full attention.

It’s crucial that when you meet someone new you give them full attention. You focus 100% on other person, and follow the conversation.

5. Maintain eye contact throughout time.

This another vital point that can make you likeable. Maintain eye contact throughout conversation by following the other person. Blink fast and keep eye contact, but don’t loose the focus as it might make you look blank and creepy.

6. Use articulated movements when you speak.

It completely normal to use articulated movements of arms hands or fingers when you talk. That shows sincere and enthusiasm in conversation. It also can make you look credible and very interesting in the topic you both discussing.

But don’t cross your arms and don’t exaggerate with movements.

7. Avoid any playing movements.

This is very important point too. Most people who feel nervous in first meeting strart playing with their hand or fingers, moving around, playing with their hair, scratching, touching part of their body, etc.

You need to avoid fidgeting. It’s sign that you don’t feel comfortable and natual.

Take notice of these tricks and if you feel you still need improving start practising it with friends.

A first impression of someone wont tell you the true motives and intentions of other person in the first meet but it helps to communicate non-verbally your confidence through body language tricks.

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