6 Ways To Be Successful With A Complaint

The truth is people don’t like complainers or whiners as they call them nowadays.

But did you know complaining affect your health?

Complaining for half an hour a day can damage a persons brain the scientific studies have revealed. Being the complainer or just listening to a complaint is still as bad for  your health.

It’s likely if you surrounded by complainers you can easy become a complainer yourself.

But complaining is not always wrong. You see an unjust and you want to get it out of your chest and make it right. You see something that need to be changed, and you not the type of person to keep quiet.

We need to complain correctly to get the desired results. I mean if you bought a car but it broke down in first month there is not a point complaining to 15 friends. Rather just get where you bought the car and tell them the problem. Try to sort it out with the seller.

1. A complaint should have a motive.

Before you complain about something ask yourself whats the purpose of this complaint. It’s also important that you know what goal you have in mind.

What is it you want to achieve by this complaint?

Once you know then it helps calm you emotions down. It’s also easier for the other person to help you.

2. Start with positive comments.

Somethings happens in a wrong way and it’s natural to feel angry and defensive.

But the complaint should be made in a calm way so you can get the results you’re aiming for.

Therefore you must start with a positive comment like: I been a loyal customer of your company for years…

3. Stick to facts.

Might the issue has been going on for a long time. Still don’t go into every single detail. Stick to facts. The essence of the problem.  What needs to be fixed.

4. Finish with positive comment.

When you make a complaint put yourself in other persons shoes. Would you like to deal with someone being angry and arrogant? Sure you don’t. No one does. So be pleasant.

Make sure you finish with a positive comment. So you might say: I really hope the issue gets solved. Or I greatly appreciate your assistance. There is always positive things to say and the positivity helps.

5. Remember it’s not personal.

It’s likely you feel frustrated because of a product, that didn’t live to your expectations. In this case your emotions might be running high. Just remind yourself that the person you might get to talk to is just a representative of the company.

Control your anger and your emotions. Remember you want achieve a goal by this complaint, so ask nicely. Consider the listener and make it clear this is not personal at all.

6. Let it go.

Only complain if you’re sure there should be a better way to this situation. Take time to make and deliver a proper complaint. Hopefully you get the desired results.

Whatever the outcome, don’t waste time and energy dwelling on it. Let it go and move on with life.

And in the end of this post let me bring you a meaningful  indian proverb: I had no shoes and I complained until I met a man who had no feet.

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5 responses to “6 Ways To Be Successful With A Complaint

  1. So practical Seb. We all can use pointers when it comes to problem solving–if that’s our real motive for complaining, just saying. “-)

    Reblogging! You’ve got a winner here!

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