5 ways To Find Motivation In A Job You Hate

I did had a job I really hated. I recall every morning when I wake up and first conscious thought was oh fuck I have to go to that job again today. I didn’t wanted to go but I had to. I hated it that much as one day I told my boss: you can go fuck yourself. You’re fired. Done.

I tell you what, it wasn’t a release, at all. Because sometimes is better to suffer a bit and get on with life than to suffer more without a job.

Smart people say, you always have a choice. Everyone has a choice. But we seem to miss it everytime.

Let’s get back to having a job you hate.

How to find the motivation that keep you going.

1. A job you hate is better than no job.

Believe you me, I really been there. It’s damn hard. You don’t want to go. You hate it. I genuinly know you do. But you don’t hate the money. So there is a small part in the job that you like. So that shit job is keeping you going.

Remember that when you’re that close of getting sacked. Remember a job you hate is still better than no job. Tough, I know.

2. Between hopelessness and determination, chose the last one.

There are millions of people out there that have to go to a job they hate. Maybe it wont help you to know, but you not the only one.

There are hopless people who lost interest on their job still they keep going to same job. But there are also people who go to that job determined that let say in3 years they going to make a change.

So if you can see what is the change going to be then you know this is not forever. You looking forward to doing something different soon.

3. You’re doing it for a reason.

If you have a family, kids, a partner look at their faces, no matter how hard,  you still doing it to provide for them, to put a smile into these little cute faces. You know it’s worth it.

4. Look forward to your days off.

Knowing that tomorrow you going to waste another day of your life in the job you hate is a dreadful feeling.

You look forward to the end of the shift.

But what do you do with your days off. Don’t spend these in bed.

What’s your passion? Do an hour of that each day if you can. Then at least you spend an hour a day doing what you love. Then you have your time off work too. Follow your passion with that little time for now.

5. Plan your change.

Sometimes maybe you think you taking more than your fair share of down time….

Make plans for a new change if you want to do something better. Plan it and take action. It wont just happen. Whenever you have time work towards it. If it was that easy everyone would have a job they love. The truth is change is hard. But be better than your job, be stronger than your tough time, get out there and make it happen for yourself.

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9 responses to “5 ways To Find Motivation In A Job You Hate

  1. Great advise Seb! This is one time it’s ok to put off today (quitting ) what you can do tomorrow! It’s important to have a vision for your life. Looking to those who depend on your income is a good place to start!

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  2. Nice article! I too am at a job I hate but I am lucky to have a couple of co-workers whom have turned into really good friends and we help each other get through the day. I think that helps a lot.

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