Achieving Your Goal

img_1052I watched a great television programme last night on ITV1. There was different people who had contacted the programme a year earlier so we got to watch in instant what had they achieved in one year. Someone lost 10 stones in one year. Now that is fantastic.. To be fair all  contestants had done so well.

But one in particular for me was just amazing. He was a young lad in his twenties. When the host asked him what he would do in one year time, he said: (for while he struggled to get the words out), This time next year I will take control of my stammer. And there he goes.

He came back. He spoke. No struggle. He said, I decided to do this when I went to say happy birthday to my mum and words didn’t come out. I need to achieve this, I told myself.

This is amazing, the host says. But how did you manage it?

With hard work and support. With dedication and more hard work. It’s absolutely awesome to watch him talk without any struggle.

We got to watch him going through intensive speech therapy. It was lovely when he went back to his high school and made this emotional speech in front of a big audience.

“Some people, he said, want fast cars. Some others want to travel around the world. And all what I wanted was to say what I felt. Now I can. If I can achieve this, I can achieve anything. If I can achieve this, you can achieve anything…”

When speaking to the host he says: On my way to this programme today I stopped and spoke to many people. You know why??? Beacuse I can. There is only one problem with me now.. You can’t shut me up.

Truly amazing story.

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12 responses to “Achieving Your Goal

  1. Wow that is so wonderful for that young boy it doesn’t matter how big or small a goal is it’s getting through the other side and how that makes you feel that matters the most keep striving and you will succeed it may take some time but if you are persistent and work hard you will make it happen 🙂

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