Should I Stay Or Should I Go

She was looking into my eyes and I was looking into hers. It seemed we lost in the magic, except it wasnt the magic. We were trying to figure out if there was a bit of ourselves, still. Arguments come to surface after while and we were going through a dilemma. Maybe we both was asking the same question: should I go or should I stay?


What is it make some couples work in their relationship and make it last, that for other couples doesn’t do it?

What makes some people choose to stay in a relationship with the  hope things will improve? What make others choose to leave with the pain of break up relationship?

Studies that been performed over years on different couples shows the results of couples staying together depends on:

1. Love.

How deep is your love – it really matters and if it’s still strong they are very likely to carry on the journey together.

2. Commitment.

Two people who are commited to one another will not break up their relationship through thick and thin. They will stay because they still see themselves as a part of it.

3. Positive dreams.

When romance hit the rocks and relationship become volatile two people with positive dreams will work together and take their journey  further.

4. Closeness.

A couple that grow srtong together will survive tough times simply because they have become a big part of each other.

5. Dependence.

Couples who are reliant to their partners for their support is likely not to break up in a relationship.

These  findings don’t capture all the positives and the negatives of a stay/leave decisions.

There are questions like; what about couples who are not in love but still depend at their partners? Do they stay or do they go? What about these couples who think their partner have some great qualities but also some big flaws too? What about couples who are not close to their partners but still committed?

One day hopefully these questions will be answered by relationship researchers.

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4 responses to “Should I Stay Or Should I Go

  1. I feel this article stumbled on a truth that most couples may not want to face. You pose questions at the end that I wonder what’s your thoughts. Anyway as always thank you for sharing.

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