Correcting Mistakes

I had an assessment at college today in literature and maths, as I am thinking to get back into teaching AGAIN. I have worked as a maths teacher for 5 years back in my country and I was very passionate about it.


Both assessments were easy and I think I did well. But there was this question that triggered this post:

If you had a time machine in your hands would you go backwards or forwards?

Tough question, I thought. I think there is so much uncertainty and curiosity about the future. But looking back in time also I have made many mistakes. So today I am going back in time to correct these mistakes.

I travel back in June 2005. It was the month when I came and joined my wife and children here. One night I had a long conversation with my wife. She asked me what I wanted to do. I told her my dream was to be a teacher again. She encouraged and supported my idea. So one day with my diploma went to college to find out the steps I had to take to get into teaching. The lady told me unfortunately my diploma didn’t convert to any qualifications in english. I was sad. I felt all these years at university been wasted. She said, to get into teaching I had to start from very beginning.

That day I took a decision to cross the option of teaching. Big mistake. If I just would started part time eduaction with baby steps today I be doing what I love doing.

Thats why today I am going back in time to correct that mistake and maybe few other mistakes too. So thanks for giving me this opportunity!

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10 responses to “Correcting Mistakes

  1. your posts are great, (been a while since ive seen one your blogs, i got busy)

    i have nominated you for the EBA award too =D
    go check my post to see what you have to do =)

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