When Positive Thinking Goes Wrong

I really like people who have a positive view about everything in life. To me it seems like a choice. Some people are motivated to see the negative in the world around them, when some others always pick the bright side of every situation and move on.


This theory is backed by the psychology. The power of positive thinking. Whilst I was having a conversation with a professional lady the other day I tried to express my views. Eventually I asked her what she thought. It’s not that straight forward, she said. Then she told me her story.

Negative thinking make us live with stress, anxiety, and depression. That is why we turn to positive thinking.

But does it work?

If you were unemployed for instance rather than thinking: I am never going to get a job in this hard competition, you like to think: I will ace a job a interview and I will stand out and get the job I love.

Let’s take a look at both thoughts. First one is based on some facts of reality. ( Do you know about 100 people are applying for one job, and only one will get it). But this thought has a bit of negativity too.

The second thought is based on your optimistic view. You want things to change. You been taking training and learning. You want that job. You have high hopes and a positive approach.

The truth is you might never get that job. That is a frustrating and disappointing outcome. The positive thinking didn’t work. Your prediction didn’t match the result.


The psychology suggests the positive thinking should match life experiences and your beliefs should be based on some facts of truth. That’s why the power of positive thinking is limited.

What’s the alternative.

In every situation:

1. Find the eveidence that support your belief.

2. Find out is there any evidence that reject it.

3. Access the situation with accuracy and useful way.

Be wise. Be real. And still pick the positive thinking but add some sense to it.

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7 responses to “When Positive Thinking Goes Wrong

  1. I think that negativity is unavoidable in life, so it is important to be realistic and as long as you act with your values in each situation, that is good

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