Who Am I? Somebody? Or Nobody?


Sorry, people.

I have missed blogging world. But I just couldn’t  be bothered. Too much in my head and too much in my heart.

You might want to ask: why?

Sometimes and many times you just feel you are nobody. Then why do I have to write a post? Then sign it from nobody. Which will be read by no one.

Let’s have a look at maths. You or me are one of 7.400.000.000, people in this planet.  That one in billions do not translate into a identity.

How can you change that? How can we make our number count? How can we tell the world: I matter. I am someone. I have a name. I will make you think about me not as a number but as a human being.

Never stop doing what you think will give your story a name. Give your story your name. Create your identity.

And that’s why I came back.

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15 responses to “Who Am I? Somebody? Or Nobody?

  1. Seb there is no way you are nobody. In fact to embrace that insult is to buy in to a lie intended by the dark one to suck the strength and hope from you leaving you depressed and despairing. God said He made you in His image and I can’t say enough for His awesomeness! I also missed you and look forward to every word of wisdom you pass along!
    Jan 😊

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  2. I love your posts Seb I do understand how you feel I have been there many times in my life but I never give up not matter what my life throws at me so neither should you keep up the good fight you are worth it us survivors need to stick together 🙂

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