Learn To Differ Needs From Wants

If you are a parent you know how a child reacts when they see something they really want. I don’t have pennies for that, today. But I want it, please mom/dad. And the tantrum after that.


What about us? What about adults how we deal with needs and wants?

We do use wants as needs sometimes just to get rid of a guilty feeling after we buy something expensive. I got into this designer clothes shop other day and I stopped looking at some Versace t-shirts. There was one I liked. I take a look at the price,  £135. One voice was telling me to put it back. But I need it, I told that voice. Did I really need it?

So when it comes to ourselves we can buy things  and just clasify it as needs. It’s true we need clothing. But there is no need for designer clothes is there. That is a pure want, yeah.

What is my needs?

– shelter. I need a roof over my head.

A house, a flat a villa. If you had a choice you might pick a villa. But that is not a need. It’s fine if we were a millionare but if we were working class a big house will have a big mortgage.

There is different circumstances vary from individuals. If you have big family then you need a big house. But if you live by youself and you make a choice to live into a big house I would say half of your mortgage is a “want” and half of it is a “need”.

– Food and water.

Of course to survive we need food and water hence them are necessary needs. Depends from each one’s budget what food we buy. If you can afford then you might expand your food bill with wants.

– Clothing.

I need clothing, we all do. When we get into designer clothing then that is classed as wants.

– Bills.

There is electric bill, water bill, gas bill. These are the bills that need to be paid as they cover our needs. But most of us have added many other bills like mobile phone bill, internet bill, sky bill and more.

– I need a means to make living.

We all do need to pay for our needs and wants. If you don’t have a job that earns your living you going through a tough struggle.

What are some less necessary needs?

– A car.

You need a car to take kids to school and back. To go to work. To get shopping done. Again a car that works not a luxurious car.

– A life insurance.

Just to be in the safe side, life insurance is a need, at least in some countries.

Everything else is wants.

Do you feel saying what is the fun in life without wants..Ok, yes we all spend money wanting  to make our lives more exicting and feel happier. But we also throw away money, many times and we don’t get any extra pleasures by doing so. If you like an example, here it is: how many of us out there buy expensive stuff just to impress the world. That is what I call stupitidy.

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