The Power Of Doing Nothing

I began to worry the other day when I rung my friend and he didn’t answer. He always calls me back but he didn’t that day. Then he phoned me later that night. Have you been busy, I asked him. Yes, he said. Busy doing nothing. I mean nothing at all.

Young woman lying in grass with flowers

Relaxed young person (teenage girl) lying in grass and flowers with stretched hand – closed eyes

It’s a bit crazy how we humans are always on the go, except when we are asleep. Whether you struggling to make more money, trying hard to find a better job, looking for a new house,  or just going to work day in and day out.. It has become tough challenge to keep up with everything that life throws at you.

I am busy. I don’t have time. I am too tired. That is a common answer you get if you ask someone, anyone to have a break from all this…

When you rushing to complete every task your body is working hard, your mind is working even harder. We are, in some ways trying to keep up physically with technology with machines. But even a laptop or smartphone when is used for so long, need recharging.

Stop for a minute and think. Are you taking care of yourself? Self care is crucial for your wellbeing. It includes having healthy food, rest and sleep and the exercise.

It’s necessary that we take regular breaks each day and connect with present moment. That is the time we all have. Day after day after day. The crazyness of the busyness.  Stop and breathe. Notice the power of doing NOTHING.

Mindfulness moments are not just healthy but so powerful too. It recharges our brains. And give your body a chance to slow down and rest. Your heart rate slows down too and get in relaxation state.

Shedule the time for doing nothing in your day. It’s up to you when. Have at least ten minutes each day to yourself. Stop. Sit. Meditate or just live in that moment.

Below is how you can do it.

  • Some people take that little break in the morning. You can pick your own time when it suits you best.
  • Silence all the technology. Turn it off.  Put them away.
  • Find a quiet place where you wont be distracted.
  • Sit by yourself.
  • Focus on deep breathing. You feel the muscle relaxation. Notice your thoughts. This is mindfulness. Thoughts in and out of your mind. You don’t give them the power to stop and produce any worries.

What else can you do.

You stop and feel the rain drops in your skin. Watch the trees blowing from wind. Feel the warmth of a sunny day. Breathe, just breathe.

The italians call it: Il far niente. Meaning: the beauty of doing nothing. It’s the moment when we disconnect with everything else, it’s the moment of letting the stress go, it’s the moment we connect with ourselves. It’s so beautiful and relaxing when you find that peace of mind. It’s a blissful moment. This is a gift that you freely give to yourself each day. And experience the power of doing nothing. Nothing at all, just being in that very moment.

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7 responses to “The Power Of Doing Nothing

  1. I so agree with this. It is important to take little breaks during the day to let the mind and body relax. UNfortunately, most people take a break by checking their cell phone or other electronic devices. A true break should mean disconnecting from everything, including social media.

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