How To Turn A Bad Day Into A Better One

Bad days are real and they do really stress us out. Experts recommend taking deep breaths and meditation. But let’s not take the mick out of it. If you are stuck in traffic on motorway with rising temperatures and no water in the car, that might not be possible.

A wise man said when the bad wants to come in, open the door and let it in. Because it will get in anyway. It also work both ways. You are happy to let good days into your life. We all are.


It’s funny how we react to a bad day. Most of us get angry, upset, stressed. I have been thinking a lot about brexit for a couple of days. The anger and upset has reached to millions of people. It seems to divide this country and divide  people and even families from each other.

But how can we make a bad day better. When you are losing your cool…think, be patient, keep your cool.

1. Take another look, it’s not as bad as it may seem.

If you are having one of these days you feel grumpy. And we show it with people we have to intereact with. Sometimes even with friends. They might try to tell you a joke. But you don’t smile, then you hear: what’s wrong with you?

“Nothing, just having a bad day”. If you are lucky you may get a nice big hug, then.

But just take a look back when it began. Little things do stress us. But whatever it was it’s over. Be patient and keep your cool. Try to make the rest of the day better.

2. Maybe change the label from a bad day to an ok  day.

Ah it’s one of them days. First thing we label it. It’s a bad day. Maybe it’s morning. Don’t label it as a bad day. Because when you do that the ball seems to roll over and bring more and more negatives as it keeps rolling.

There are some things going right too, aren’t they. List these things. They might change the balance just a little..

3. Play and listen to your favorite songs.

Music has the power to change the mood of people. Take a deep breath and just listen to these songs you love. It wont take long to get your smile back on your face. Music always takes us to a better world where love does wonders.

4. Play with your kids.

Whenever I am having a stressful day I take some time to play with my kids. Just watching them, how they focus on the playing,  it’s wonderful.  Their entire world is great. Kids round kids, being kids.

5. Watch people go by.

Sit down somewhere with a drink and watch people. Some girls laughing loud. Some guys talking. Some others rushing somewhere. Each one of them has a story. How is their day going? Can you tell?

6. Phone a friend that you don’t see that often.

Good friends are never to be forgotten even if they live far away from us. Phone them, have a long chat. Remember the good old days. Good friends have an impact on us. They make us feel better, always.

7. Find something to laugh at.

Laughter change situations, laughter makes us happier. What makes you have a belly laugh? Time to recall these moments. Bring back some laughter, make your day better.

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